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(third person pov)

"Mr. Grayson Dolan, Luna's father?"

"This is him." Grayson frowns as he saves the video he was editing and turns the computer off. "Is she okay?" He asks the secretary on the other line.

"Yes, we're calling from her school, she just had a little accident is all," The secretary chuckles. Grayson frowns, grabbing his keys. "A little accident in her pants, I should say." Grayson sighs in relief.

"Oh my," He laughs.

"And it seems as if she doesn't have a change of clothes in her cubby, so we were hoping someone could drop by with a change of pants?" She asked. Grayson smiled, walking into Luna's room.

"Of course, do you think you could pass the phone to her?" He asked as he headed to her closet. Talking was heard and then he heard heavy breathing on the other side. "Hey, princess," He said with a smile.

"I got an accident daddy," Luna sniffled. Grayson chuckled and crouched down, looking through her cupboard. "Don't laugh daddy, it was an accident!" This only makes Grayson smile wider.

""m not laughing princess," He says. "What color pants are you wearing, angel, daddy'll bring you a pair," He says. She's quiet for a moment.

"Gray," She says. Grayson smiles, grabbing a pair of gray leggings. "Can I talk to you 'till you get here?" She asks. Grayson chuckles.

"Think you should give the phone back to the secretary lady, princess," He says, running out the door, locking the door behind me. He hears her sigh. "I'll be there in no time, princess, don't worry."

"Bye-bye daddy," She sighs as she hands the phone back to the secretary.


"Daddy!" Luna screams as she watched Grayson enter the office, her new clothes bundled in his fist. He smiles as she gets off her chair and runs to her.

"Hey, Lu," He says, she hugs his leg and begins to cry. He sighs, lifting the five-year-old up, turning to the secretary. She smiles at him.

"There's a bathroom in her classroom, if you'd like to help her change," She tells him. He nods and smiles.

"Yeah, thank you," He says, carrying her out of the office and down the hall. He knew the school by now. "What's wrong, princess, I got your clothes now, see?" He asks. She shakes her head, grabbing the collar of his shirt.

"No, I got an accident after 6 days, mommy keeps track!" She exclaimed. Grayson smiles. "Now I'm gonna get an X!" She cries even harder. Grayson sighs, turning the hall.

"Yeah but, princess," He starts. He smiles at her teacher as he walks into the classroom. Kids stare up at them as he walks her to the girl's bathroom, the one stalled little room just big enough for the two of them. "That's 6 whole days, you broke your record!" He says. She looks up at him and smiles, hiccupping.

"B-but, I br-broke it," She says as Gray sets her down and crouches down in front of her. "Mommy's gonna be mad." And then she cries even harder. Grayson sighs, helping her step out of her dirty jeans.

"Mommy's not gonna be mad, I promise," He says. She holds onto his shoulder as she steps into her new leggings. "Don't cry, Lu," He says as he pulls them up, and she jumps to help him.

"Nope, not Lu anymore," She says. Grayson frowns. "Nope, just Luna," She tells him. He frowns and as he fixes her socks before sitting her on his knee to help her with her shoes.

"Why not?" He asks. She sighs loudly.

"You get to call me princess, only you," She says, pointing. Grayson laughs. She covers as much of his mouth as she can with her tiny hand. "They might hear you, daddy!"

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