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Orange Juice (Dreamnotfound fanfic) by Sakura_Thief
Orange Juice (Dreamnotfound fanfic)by Sakura
George is just trying to make it through life just like any other average guy, but it's kind of hard when you have to deal with streaming, getting evicted from his apart...
Thin Line by areyoucallingmealiar
Thin Lineby Not a Truther
Sierra Stevens was seen by everyone as the definition of perfect. Everyone, except for herself. When she looked in the mirror all she could do is hate what she saw. Just...
unnatural  by imperio_xv
unnatural by Hannah
(it's being edited rn) "i'm not hungry" "Was there even a time when you were?" Trigger Warning: ED, suicidal thought...
Tired ~dnf by ogwilbursootsimp
Tired ~dnfby Seven
After Clay and George meet up in Orlando Clay starts acting different, but can George notice before it's to late? Does George know what to do? Is George fine or is he ju...
tommyinnit angst by gay_faguette
tommyinnit angstby gay_faguette
tommy lives in an abusive household, and hides so much more then his friends could ever think of, will they be able to help him before it's too late? also, each trigger...
Empty Addiction ~ DaiSuga  by Haikyuu_nerd
Empty Addiction ~ DaiSuga by A͓̽u͓̽t͓̽h͓̽o͓̽r͓̽-͓̽s͓̽a͓̽n͓̽
What if words were all it took? All it took to be empty. Sugawara just wanted to be empty. WARNING ED This book is linked to the Kagehina book "Taps" that I...
Good enough- a TommyInnit Fanfic by Addy0aj
Good enough- a TommyInnit Fanficby ✧˖* ᴀᴅᴅʏ₊˚•.
READ THE FIRST PAGE FOR INFO AND TW Tommyinnit angst :) Tommy struggles with anorexia, anxiety, and panic attacks. He chooses to keep to himself. Will his friends find o...
dandelies by pansexualwithnobrim
dandeliesby winnieisinsane
yes the title is a pun. !this is a tommyinnit angst! in this story he is trans (female to male) and he has an eating disorder (bulimia) this is my first and probably on...
Focus (Denki angst) by Ghost_boy0-0
Focus (Denki angst)by Ghost_boy0-0
Focus, that's all Denki needs to do. So why does he keep failing every class? Why can't he ever finish his work? TW: Eating disorders, depression, self deprecating thoug...
FMA x Reader Oneshots by Ouran_Galaxies
FMA x Reader Oneshotsby Spooky Hoe❤️
Different one shots with your fave FMA characters! I will take requests and I will include smut.
Bullied Buddies by Leo264
Bullied Buddiesby TransRat🏳️‍⚧️
When Shinsou gets moved to class 1A and learns Midoriya's life hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows like he thought, what happens when they help each other with trauma...
dolan twin daddy imagines - 3 by vi-writes
dolan twin daddy imagines - 3by vi
just some imagines about ethan and grayson as dads :) --- READ PART ONE AND TWO TOO :)
dolan twin daddy imagines - 2 by vi-writes
dolan twin daddy imagines - 2by vi
just some more imagines about ethan and grayson as dads :) --- PART ONE AND THREE UP NOW ((:
Old Freinds - B.E by mariaa7788
Old Freinds - B.Eby mariaa7788
old friends reconnect after years of being separated. will their romantic feelings for each other still be there after years of not seeing each other? will they become m...
Daughter of Flame by Warpixie
Daughter of Flameby Warpixie
Angel Potter, commonly called Harry by the idiots of the magical society, decides to take a gamble with her fate and uses a circle she finds in her mother's journal in h...
Bittersweet | Ed Edd N Eddy x Reader by ToonIsh9
Bittersweet | Ed Edd N Eddy x Read...by Goonatron
Y/N is a girl that may look beautiful, but she has a heart frozen by ice. Will her cold heart be melted by the children of the cul-de-sac, or will her emotions remain un...
Gaege gibson x reader oneshots by Gaege_gibson__simp
Gaege gibson x reader oneshotsby Gaege_gibson__simp
^^^^^^read the shiddy title ♥️♥️ Contains⚠️: Smut Fluff Swearing
y/n black and fred weasley - a love story  by linnyluve
y/n black and fred weasley - a lov...by linnyluve
y/n black raised by remus lupin and nymphadora tonks, y/n goes by y/n lupin, in fear of anyone finding out who her real father is, she falls for a twin, trying to keep...
Numbers || pjm  by Rebecamehall775
Numbers || pjm by Rebecca
Being an idol is pressuring among many. The need to look perfect in numerous eyes is a burden for BTS, but weighs heavily on the small shoulders of Park Jimin. Soon, wei...