nap time//e.d

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(y/n pov)

"I'm on paternity leave!" Ethan shouted. You smiled, cutting the carrots into smaller squares. Maddie climbed all over him as he tried to break the banana into pieces. "I'm not supposed to be working," He told you. You smiled, shaking your head.

"You could at least help Gray with editing," You told him. He shook his head, holding up a piece of banana for the almost two-year-old to nibble on.

"Yum!" She yelled, chewing on it slowly. You smiled at her, carrying your cutting board back into the kitchen. "Yum yum yum!" She said again, as Ethan fed her another piece.

"I think someone's got too much energy this morning," Ethan said, pulling her off his shoulders and onto his lap. She giggled, taking the banana peel from him, holding it with her tiny fingers. "Oh no, that's garbage, we don't need that," He told her, taking it from her, and tossing it into the small green compost bin. She watched him do it and began tugging on his shorts.

"Down!" She shouted as she pointed to the ground. He sighed and put her down. She ran over to all the toys she'd scattered around the living room. Ethan followed her there, sitting in the center of the large blanket you'd put down so she wasn't sitting right on the rug.

He crossed his legs as she brought back her purple toy truck. He smiled as she handed it to him. "Ooh, I like this one," He said, rolling it around. She giggled and ran to get her plastic animals. You walked into the living room a small bowl of cantaloupe, cut into tiny pieces. Ethan took it as you walked away.

"Hungry?" He asked Maddie. She ran back to him nodding. He smiled, taking a tiny piece of cantaloupe on the baby spoon as pushing it to her mouth. Ethan smiled as she chewed it, wobbling around the living room. Ethan put the tiny bowl on her small table and leaned back onto his palms.

Maddie picked up every toy bear she saw as she walked around, creating a small pile in her dad's lap. You looked out from the kitchen and smiled, washing the dishes that Ethan refused to do. "Jump?" Maddie asked, pointing to the pile of stuffed bears in Ethan's lap. Ethan grinned, holding his arms out.

Maddie grinned the same grin, turning towards him, She leaped into his lap and into all of the stuffed bears. You smiled as Ethan squeezed her into a hug. She squealed and wriggled away from him. "Let's eat some more fruit princess," He said, picking up the bowl, far too small for his palms.

"Maddie?" You called out. She turned at the sound of your voice. "Can you get me that container love?" You asked her. She looked around the living room, before spotting the tiny container she'd been playing with the night before. She picked it up and showed you. You nodded and she ran over.

Reaching up to the counter to put the container away, she grinned at you. "Welcome," She said to you before running back to the living room. You smiled shaking your head.

"Thank you," You said. Ethan chuckled as she ran over to him, mouth open. He fed her a piece of cantaloupe and she walked over to her little water bottle, chewing on it.

"Need some water, angel?" Ethan asked. She nodded, handing him the bottle, mouth still full of fruit. Ethan sat up, setting the fruit down before picking her up. She held onto his neck as she handed him the water bottle. "'scuze us, we're staying hydrated," Ethan said, shoving you away from the sink.

You sighed, shaking your head at Maddie who just giggled, You reached up to wipe her mouth and Ethan washed her water bottle, before filling it with the cooled boiled tap water you kept in a pitcher on the table.

Ethan screwed the cap back on before handing the bottle to her. Maddie sipped on the water, smiling at you. You smiled back before turning the stove on. "Hot!" She said, pointing at the stove. You nodded.

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