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Camryn's POV

"Happy Birthday!" The loud boys shouted, waking me from my peaceful sleep. 

"Mm." I groaned and stuffed my pillow over my head. 

"No, it's time for you to wake up!" Louis said and took my pillow and covers away from me. 

"Too cold." I whined and curled up into a little ball. 

"Come on, we're not sleeping away your birthday." Harry said and grabbed my wrists before pulling me into a standing position on the floor. 

"Not fair." I pouted and rubbed my eyes. 

"Don't you want to open your presents?" Zayn asked. 

"Presents?" I asked, instantly feeling perkier. 

"Yes, presents! Did you really think we'd get you nothing for your birthday?" Liam chuckled. 

"Well after I met Justin yesterday I thought that was my present, because that was a really really big present." I said seriously. 

"That was Demi's present to you. Now you get to open your presents from us." Niall said. "So get dressed and meet us downstairs." 

"Okay!" I smiled and rummaged through my clothes to pick out my favorite outfit. You always have to wear your favorite outfit on your birthday. That was a fact. When I was really little, my Mum used to pick out my clothes for me, because if she didn't I'd wear princess dresses everyday, but she'd let me pick out my outfit one day a year and that day was always my birthday. Last year for my birthday Mum, Dad, Niall, and I went to the zoo. We got to feed the giraffes and pet the elephants. It was one of the best days ever, and I'll never forget it. After getting my outfit on, I walked downstairs. The sweet smell of donuts pulled me into the kitchen. The boys were patiently waiting for me at the table.

"There you are, come on we're starving." Niall said, patting the open seat next to him. I smiled and sat down in the seat. 

"You pick your donuts first, Cam." Harry said. I picked a chocolate glazed donut and a couple munchkins before the boys fought each other for the remaining donuts. 

"Before we eat we have to sing." Liam said. 

"No." I groaned embarrassedly. 

"You didn't seem to mind when Biebs was singing to you." Louis said mock offendedly. I couldn;t help but giggle and blush at the memory. 

"Yeah, that's what we thought. Okay on three. One, two, three." Niall counted. 

"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Camryn. Happy birthday to you." The boys sang. 

"Thank you." I smiled. 

"Dig in, everyone." Zayn said. 

"Don't mind if I do." Niall said before practically inhaling his first donut. After we all finished eating, Harry took our plates to the sink while the rest of us got comfy in the living room for presents. Once Harry joined us, Niall handed me the first present.

"This one is from Liam." He said. I smiled and took out the tissue paper from the bag before pulling out the gift. 

"Awww, it's a picture of all of us on tour!" I smiled and showed the boys. 

"It's not much, but I thought it was a little something you'd like for your room after we all find our own places." Liam said. 

"I love it, thanks Liam." I smiled.

"Open mine next." Louis said while handing me the gift. 

"I bet mine's better." Harry said. 

"We'll see." Louis hummed confidently. 

"A bracelet maker! Thanks, Louis!" I smiled. 

"You're welcome." Louis hummed and smirked at Harry. 

"Alright, alright. Open mine." Harry said. 

"Still confident?" Louis teased. 

"Very." Harry smirked and crossed his arms over his chest. 

"Oh, nail art pens and stickers! Thank you, Harry!" I gasped and admired the different patterns on the stickers. 

"I'd say it's a tie." Louis said. 

"Fair enough, I'll take it." Harry smirked. 

"Here's mine." Zayn smiled and handed me his gift. I unwrapped the paper off the gift and revealed a drawing of a little girl in a beautiful blue princess gown. 

"Is this me?" I asked. 

"Yup, do you like it?" Zayn asked. 

"I love it! This is so cool! Thanks, Zayn! I'm gonna hang this up on my wall!" I smiled and looked at all the detail he put into the drawing. 

"Saved the best for last." Niall hummed and scooted the tiny box over to me. 

"Nice wrapping, Niall." Louis teased. 

"Hey, at least I attempted to wrap it. That makes it more sentimental." Niall replied. I giggled at their banter while opening the box, uncovering what looked like an iPhone box. 

"Is this some sick joke?" I asked in disbelief. 

"Well why don't you finish opening it and find out." Niall chuckled. I quickly flung the top of the box off and gasped at the iPhone that was nestled inside. 

"Is this mine?" I asked. 

"No, it's mine. Yes it's yours!" Niall chuckled. 

"Oh my gosh! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I shrieked and pulled out the phone. 

"Such a cheater." Harry pouted. 

"Yeah, Niall, that was a cheap shot. None of us could've gotten her that." Louis said. 

"Sorry, boys." Niall chuckled. After I calmed down from the excitement of getting my first phone I looked at all of my gifts before looking at the boys. 

"Thank you for my gifts, I love all of them so much." I smiled. "And I wouldn't want to spend my birthday with anyone else." 

"We love you, kiddo. Happy birthday." Niall smiled. 

"Group hug!" Louis said and pulled us all in for a hug. I smiled and took in the moment, knowing things were going to be different sooner than I'd like. I know things are pretty much going to be the same, but I was going to miss living with all the boys together. They were all my brothers. Maybe not by blood, but definitely by choice. 

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