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Niall's POV

We drove through the night to arrive at our next tour destination. Today we had a signing at a mall in the city. I walked out first while holding Camryn's hand. The boys followed directly behind me. I swear the screams from the girls shook the place. Camryn put her hands over her ears while I waved to all of the awaiting fans. I sat in my designated chair, putting Camryn in my lap. This was the only way I could be certain that she'd be safe. We've had too many accidents lately, and I didn't feel like having another heart attack today. 

"You okay?" I asked her. 

"Uh huh." She nodded with a reassuring smile. With that, the signing had officially started. Let the games begin. I reached my arms around Camryn and started signing CD covers as fast as I could. I was sitting next to Louis, which guaranteed it was gonna be a fun time. He always had a funny comment to make for every single person that walked by. Sometimes it's easy though. We see lots of people at the signings, and some of which can be very interesting. 

"You're beautiful, Niall!" One girl said to me while I scribbled my name onto her CD quickly. 

"Thank you." I chuckled and shook my head.  

"And Camryn you're so adorable. Can I have a high five?" The fan asked. Camryn was kind of scared of her at first. After the whole psycho fan situation, she's been apprehensive about meeting fans. Who would blame her? We've also decided to be more cautious with her around fans. 

"It's okay, Cam. You can give her a high five." I said reassuringly. The fan reached out her hand, and Camryn gave her a soft high five. 

"Thank you!" The girl smiled before running off with her friends. A couple fans later, a fan handed me a stuffed Elephant that was two times the size of Camryn. 

"Woah, that's huge." I said. The fan giggled while videotaping the moment. 

"That's for Camryn." She said. 

"Yay!" Camryn squealed and perked up excitedly. Elephants are her favorite. When Cam was a toddler she always used to tell us she wanted to be a caretaker for elephants when she grew up. My Dad, being the supportive parent that he was, told her that he'd save up enough money so that they could start up their own elephant care-taking facility. They were serious too. They had detailed plans about every little thing you could imagine for this facility. I think it was just a random phase Camryn was going through at the time, but ever since Dad passed she's clung to the elephant idea more and more. It's one of the biggest things that reminds her of Dad, so she holds on to it. 

"Cam, what do you say?" I said, giving her arm a little nudge. 

"Thank you." She smiled at the girl. The next fan was videotaping all of us sign her CD cover, like most of them were. 

"Hello." I smiled while waving to the camera. "Wave to the camera, Cam." I said while waving Camryn's hand for her. 

"Stop it." She giggled and pulled her hand away. After what seemed like hours, I saw that we were just about half way through the signing. My hand was seriously starting to cramp up. "

Is this almost over?" Camryn asked. 

"Not quite." I sighed. 

"How much longer?" She asked, trying to hide the slight whine in her voice. 

"Probably another hour." I said. However, Camryn wasn't so thrilled with that answer.  

"I don't want to be here another hour." She pouted and rubbed her eyes. Oh you think you're tired? Try signing thousands of CD's for two hours straight little miss. 

"I know you're tired. Trust me, I am too. Try to go to sleep or something." I suggested. Good luck with trying to do that, but that's all I got. 

"I can't." Camryn sighed and rested the back of her head against my chest. Thankfully, the last hour flew by. We quickly wrapped it up and thanked the fans before getting back on the bus. 

"Did you name your elephant yet, Cam?" Louis asked. 

"No. It's harder than it looks. It has to be the perfect name." Camryn said. 

"Oh, wait. There's a sticky note on the back." Louis said before handing me the note. 

"It says please follow me on Twitter @Emma_Thomas." I read aloud. 

"Thomas. Tom. Tommy. Tommy!" Camryn said. "That's the perfect name for him." She smiled at her new stuffed elephant like a proud mother. 

"Tommy the elephant. I like it." Louis nodded in approval. 

"So now you have Henry and Tommy." I said while handing Camryn her other stuffed elephant. I took a picture with Camryn and the elephants and put it on twitter, making sure to tag Emma in it. 

"Alright, Camryn it's getting late. Time for bed." I said before lifting her in my arms. I carried her to her assigned bunk before tucking her in. "Henry and Tommy will watch you while you sleep." I smiled and sat the stuffed elephants at the end of her bed. Camryn nodded and closed her eyes tiredly. She looked like the toddler version of herself when she slept. It brought me back to our childhood days sometimes. I started rubbing her back while singing to her softly. It's been a while since I've done that for her. She's getting so big now. It feels like yesterday Mum and Dad brought her home from the hospital for the very first time. I'd do anything to relive that moment just one more time. I sighed and kissed her forehead.

"Sweet dreams, little bug." I whispered. That's what our Dad used to call her. I don't know why I used it. It just kind of came out of my mouth. I started walking back to the boys, but stopped when I heard her mumble in her sleep.

"Night, Daddy." She whispered. I smiled weakly and swallowed back the lump in my throat. I'm glad she got to talk to Dad in her dreams tonight. Even though I knew it was me, Camryn would have something to smile about tomorrow. That's all I cared about. 

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