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Niall's POV

"So he agreed to do that for her?" I asked Demi in shock. 

"Yeah! He's really excited about it." Demi smiled. 

"I just can't believe we're about to make this happen for Camryn." I smiled and checked the time on my phone. "She should be ready soon." I hummed. Lou, our hair stylist, was doing Camryn's hair and makeup for the VMA's tonight. She had no idea about the surprise that was waiting for her, and I couldn't wait to see her reaction. Finally, the door opened and out walked Camryn all dolled up for the red carpet. 

"You look gorgeous, Cam!" Demi gasped and played with her hair. 

"Thank you." Camryn giggled and blushed slightly. I've never seen my baby sister with makeup on, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't tear up a little. She looked so much older, which took me by surprise. I was conflicted because I wanted her to stay a kid forever, but I also couldn't wait to watch her grow up into an amazing young woman. I guess I didn't realize how quickly she was growing up before my own eyes. 

"You're the most beautiful girl here." I smiled and hugged her. 

"Oh stop." Camryn giggled and patted my back, sensing the emotion in my voice. 

"Alright, enough sappiness. Let's have some fun." I chuckled and grabbed her hand. People were everywhere, and I didn't need Camryn getting lost. 

"Where are we going?" Camryn asked while looking around.

"Your brother has an interview." Demi hummed and pointed to where the boys were waiting for us. 

"Aww, look at you!" Louis cooed and stroked her curly hair. 

"You look so pretty!" Liam smiled. 

"I like your dress, it's a good color on you." Zayn said and admired her dress. 

"And your hair looks more like mine." Harry smiled and bounced her hair, like people usually do to him. 

"Thanks, guys." Camryn giggled. The boys knew about the surprise as well, but I threatened all of their lives if they ruined it. 

"I have to go do an interview too, I'll see you guys in a bit." Demi smiled and waved to us before disappearing into the crowd. The plan had officially started, and I had butterflies just thinking about it. I held Camryn's hand and got myself ready for the interview that everyone but Camryn knew wasn't really an interview for us. 

"One Direction! Thank you for chatting with us before the big night." The interviewer smiled. 

"Thank you for having us." We all said.

"So you're up for three awards tonight, which is huge! Are you feeling good about your chances of taking home an award tonight?" She asked. 

"Obviously we'd be extremely excited to get any award tonight, but we're up against amazing artists, and that in itself is an honor, so we'll be happy going home tonight empty handed." Louis answered. 

"Who are you most excited to see tonight?" She asked. 

"I don't think we can pick one artist." Liam chuckled. 

"Yeah, I'm excited to see everyone tonight. It'll be a really fun night." Zayn smiled. 

"I think I know who you're excited to see." The interviewer said to Camryn. Camryn giggled and hid behind me slightly. 

"She really wants to see Justin Bieber." I chuckled. 

"Well I think that moment is a lot closer than you think!" She smiled at Camryn.

"What?" Camryn asked, her face whitened immediately. Justin had just walked up behind Camryn with Demi following closely behind, and tapped her shoulder. Camryn turned around so fast, and I had never heard a screech so loud in my life. None of us knew how she was going to react, but I don't think any of us could've prepared ourselves for this reaction. 

"Hello." Justin smiled and opened his arms to her. Camryn couldn't formulate words, all she could do was hyperventilate and hug him. 

"Camryn, say something!" I chuckled and shook my head. 

"How are you?" Justin asked while rubbing her back.

"Good." Camryn squealed.

"It's nice to meet you, Demi's told me all about you." Justin said and pulled back from the hug to look at her. 

"I can't believe I'm meeting you!" She squealed and looked at him an awe. I couldn't help but smile and look at Demi. I could never repay her for this. She has officially given Camryn the greatest gift anyone has ever given her. Knowing that I could never top this was a bummer, but I think that's something I could live with. 

"Should we take a picture?" He asked. Camryn nodded her head frantically and looked at me. I pulled out my phone and smiled at how excited she was. Justin knelt down next Camryn and wrapped his arms around her, she quickly did the same back to him.

"Okay one, two, three!" I hummed and took the picture. "Looks great." 

"Thank you so much!" Camryn squealed and gave him another hug. 

"It's my pleasure." He smiled and kissed her forehead. I got ready to catch her, feeling there was a high chance of her fainting after that. Luckily, she didn't. 

"So I hear your birthday is coming up. Can I sing you happy birthday?" He asked her. Camryn lit up and once again nodded her head frantically. I turned on my video recorder on my phone and filmed them, even though the interviewer's cameras were still rolling. 

"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Camryn. Happy birthday to you." Justin sang sweetly to her.

"Yay!" We all cheered and clapped our hands. I couldn't help but chuckle at Camryn completely swooning over him. 

"I hope you have a fun birthday. I'll hopefully see you soon okay? It was nice meeting you." Justin smiled and gave her one last hug. 

"It was nice to meet you too. Thank you." Camryn smiled from ear to ear. 

"Thank so much, man. This is the greatest thing that's ever happened to her." I chuckled and shook his hand. 

"It's no problem. Good luck tonight." He smiled. 

"Thanks, man, you too." I said. Camryn waved to him before he walked away and turned to look at me and Demi. 

"How cool was that? Was it everything you thought it would be?" Demi asked. 

"Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Camryn squealed and hugged us tight. I smiled and rubbed her back. Tomorrow we'd be back home celebrating Camryn's birthday without our parents for the first time, so I'm glad she had this moment today. I hope she'll remember it for a long time. 

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