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Camryn's POV

I walked back into the principal's office after my test and sat back down next to Niall. 

"How'd it go?" He asked me. 

"I don't know." I shrugged. "She hasn't graded it yet." 

"Well how do you think it went?" 

"Okay, I guess." I shrugged again. How am I supposed to know? I could think I did great all I wanted, but that doesn't mean anything. I always felt uneasy about tests until I knew exactly what grade I earned. 

"Okay, now that the boring part is over." Mrs. Anthony chuckled while walking back in the office. "Are we ready for the tour?" 

"Absolutely." Niall nodded and stood up. "When exactly will we get her test results back?" 

"We don't tell students what they got on their placement test, because it causes behavior changes. If they know they did well, then some students tend to get cocky in the classroom. If they know they did poorly, then some tend to be timid. We don't want our students going in with either attitude." 

"That makes sense." Niall nodded. Well, that does make me feel better. At least only the teachers will know if I'm stupid or smart. 

"Let me take you to meet Camryn's teacher first. She's getting the classroom ready for the year." Mrs. Anthony said. I was pretty excited to see who my teacher was. That was one of the scariest things about starting a school year, because if you get a bad teacher the whole year is gonna suck. Hopefully I get a good one. I squeezed Niall's hand a little tighter when we followed Mrs. Anthony into the room. It was decorated from top to bottom in inspirational posters and school spirit. 

"Excuse me, Mrs. Deegan. Do you have a minute? I'd like you to meet one of your students." Mrs. Anthony said.

"Absolutely! It's so nice to meet you." She smiled and walked over to us. 

"It's nice to meet you as well. I'm Niall and this is my little sister Camryn." Niall smiled back. 

"Hi, Camryn. It's nice to meet you, sweetheart. Are you excited to start the year?" She asked. 

"A little." I said honestly. Being in my actual classroom made this whole school thing seem much more real now, and it was all hitting me at once. 

"There's no need to be scared, I promise. We're going to have so much fun this year." Mrs. Deegan smiled. 

"She's a little shy, because she's the new student." Niall told my teacher. 

"We'll get her out of her comfort zone within the first day. We do many activities involving the students to move around and interact with one another." Mrs. Deegan told him. "Camryn, would you like to see where you'll be sitting?" She asked me. 

"Yes, please." I nodded. She smiled at my manners before leading us to my desk, which just so happened to be the closest one to her desk. 

"I like to have four desks facing each other to make a table, so students can get to know each other quicker. It looks like you'll be sitting with Audrey, Max, and Ryan." My teacher said. 

"Alright, so Camryn met her teacher and knows where she will be sitting. If you two would come with me, and I'll show you the rest of the school. Thank you, Mrs. Deegan." Mrs. Anthony smiled. 

"It was nice meeting you." She said to us. 

"Nice meeting you as well." Niall smiled. 

"Bye." I waved before following them out into the hallway. 

"This is the library." Mrs. Anthony hummed while pointing to it. "Camryn's class will visit it every Monday to check out a book." She said as we passed by it.

"Cool." Niall smiled. I gazed upon the bookshelves that probably contained thousand of books. We suddenly stopped at these big double doors. 

"This is the students' favorite part of the school, the lunchroom." She smiled before pushing the doors wide open. 

"Oh my gosh." Niall said in amazement. "This is beautiful." He hummed while looking around. He acted like he was looking at art or something. 

"We have the biggest cafeteria in the area. We also have personal chefs that make the meals daily. It's so important to us that the children eat healthy." Mrs. Anthony told us. 

"Maybe I should stop by for lunch everyday." Niall said seriously. 

"We welcome family to eat lunch with their students whenever they would like." Mrs. Anthony chuckled. "The gym is right over here." We walked into the gym which was equally as huge as lunchroom. 

"This looks nice." Niall hummed. 

"The gym teacher isn't here today, but his name is Coach Miller. The students love going to gym class because it's a break from work and they get to play a lot fun games." Mrs. Anthony smiled. Niall and I looked around at the plain white walls with the school mascot in the middle of the hard wood-floor. 

"The art room just right across the hall, and the music room is next to that." She said while quickly turning on the lights in the rooms to show us. "Art and music are also a favorite of students. They love taking home their artwork to show to their families, and putting on musicals in front of the whole school." Yeah, I don't know about that one. I don't sing in front of people, especially not on stage.

"Sounds like fun." Niall smiled. 

"Well that concludes the tour. Now that Camryn has seen everything I think she'll get the hang of it soon." Mrs. Anthony told Niall. 

"Thank you so much for showing us around. It was very nice to meet you." Niall said. 

"My pleasure. It was so nice meeting both of you as well." She smiled. "I'll see you the first day of school then. Enjoy the rest of summer." 

Niall and I found our way out of the humongous school, and back out to the car. Once we were both situated, Niall waited to drive off. 

"So what did ya think?" He asked me. 

"I think I'll like it here." I said honestly. 

"I told you so." He hummed and smiled at me through the mirror. I smiled and rolled my eyes. Dork.

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