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Niall's POV

We took a plane over night to Dallas for our next show. Today is our day off, so we decided to go to Six Flags. As we walked into the park, a lot of people were taking pictures of us, but kindly let us go about our business and have fun. I held Camryn's hand wherever we went, because I didn't want her getting lost. She's not a big fan of rollercoasters, and she's not tall enough to go on the big ones anyways, so Harry would stay back with her while the rest of us went on the rollercoasters. 

"Niall, can we go on the Bugs Bunny ride next?" Camryn asked. 

"Sounds good to me." I nodded. "Hey boys, Cam wants to go on the Bugs Bunny ride, so I'll catch up with you later." I told them. 

"We'll go with you." Louis replied. 

"Are you sure? You don't have to." I said. 

"Of course we'll go with you. Camryn needs to have some fun too." Harry said. 

"You're only saying that because you only go on the kiddie rides too." Zayn said to Harry. 

"Aw, Harry's scared of big rollercoasters." Liam teased, wrapping his arms around Harry. 

"Whatever, let's just go." Harry said, breaking away from Liam. We walked to the kids section of the park, so Camryn could ride everything she wanted before we went back to the real rollercoasters. We knew we had reached the kids area when all of the Looney Tunes characters were walking around us. They were a little creepy to me, but Camryn loved them. I stopped to look at the map to make sure we were going the right way. My feet were already killing me. I couldn't afford to walk in circles at this rate. 

"Okay, the Bugs Bunny ride should be just around the corner here." I hummed and looked up from the map. "Camryn?" I asked while looking around, but she was no where in sight. "Did anyone see where she went?" I asked the boys and started running around like a maniac. 

"No. We thought she was with you." Liam frowned worriedly. 

"She was just right here. I looked at the map for two seconds, and then she just disappeared." I said, feeling sick to my stomach. "Oh my gosh. I've lost my sister." I panicked. What if someone snatched her? Between this heat and me panicking, I was sure I was going to puke. All of a sudden a tap on my shoulder brought me out of my thoughts. I turned around and saw Bugs Bunny handing Camryn over to me. I gasped in relief and quickly grabbed her from him. "Thank you so much." I said to the man in the Bunny suit. I hugged my baby sister to my chest, never wanting to let her go again. However, as soon as my relief subsided, anger quickly took over my emotions. I carried her over to a nearby bench and sat her down on it. I knelt down so I was eye level with her. I gave her a parental look, and she knew she was in trouble. "Camryn Erin, what were you thinking?" I even used her middle name so she knew I was serious. 

"I don't know. I'm sorry." She answered, keeping her eyes casted down at the ground.

 "You know better than to run off like that." I said sternly. She hates it when I lecture her, especially in front of the boys, but I had to. She scared me half to death running off like that. "What if you got lost? What if a stranger picked you up and took you? Huh?" I kept throwing questions at her, causing a few people to stare at us. 

"People are staring." Camryn whined and looked around. 

"I don't care." I said firmly. "The only thing I'm worried about right now is you. I thought you were gone, Camryn. Do you know how awful that feels?" I asked her. 

"I'm sorry, Niall." Camryn whined and rubbed her eyes. No way. I'm not falling for that act right now.

"Well sorry isn't good enough. Don't you ever do that again. Do you understand me?" I asked. 

"Yes." Camryn whimpered. Her face was blushing red from embarrassment. 

"Alright, let's go." I stood up and held my hand out to her, but she brushed past it and walked over to Harry. He picked her up and rubbed her back while she wrapped her arms around his neck. 

"Who wants to go get something to eat?" Louis said, trying to break the awkward silence. 

"Me!" Liam said. 

"Oh there's a Panda Express." Zayn said pointing to the restaurant. I ordered mine and Camryn's food before taking it to our table. 

"Can I sit next to you?" I asked. Little did she know, I was sitting there whether she liked it or not.  

"Sure." She said. Obviously she was still upset with me. I sat down next to her and pulled out our food from the bag. 

"I got you your favorite." I said, placing her orange chicken and rice in front of her. 

"Thanks." She said, giving me a weak smile.  

"I'm sorry I had to get onto you in front of everyone. I didn't mean to embarrass you. I was just worried about you." I told her. She sighed and nodded understandingly. 

"I'm sorry I ran off without you." She said, finally looking up at me. "Are you mad at me?" She asked.

"Of course not, Cam. I was worried sick about you, but I'm not mad. I think you learned your lesson, so let's just move on from it. Sound good?" I said while wrapping my arm around her and pulling her close to me. 

"Yeah." Camryn smiled and nodded. They boys finally got their food and came and sat down with us at the table. I noticed there were paparazzi walking by the restaurant, probably looking for us. 

"Quick hide." I said jokingly. 

"Where do you suppose we hide in here?" Zayn chuckled and shook his head. 

"I got an idea!" Louis announced. He took his food out of the bag and placed it over his head. I never appreciated his immature sense of humor until Camryn started living with us. He sure does know how to make her laugh. Camryn has one of those contagious laughs, so of course when she laughs it makes the rest of us laugh too. Which, in turn, makes Louis think we're laughing at him. He was sure he was a comedian from all of our laughter. It works out pretty well if you ask me. The paparazzi noticed us from all the commotion and began taking pictures of us from outside. "Are they gone yet?" Louis asked completely clueless.Oh, Louis. You are something else, my friend. 

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