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Louis' POV

Before we ran on stage we all gave Camryn a kiss on the cheek. It's our little routine we do now.

"Here, you need these." Niall said putting his headphones over her ears.

As we ran out on stage my ears buzzed from the screams of the thousands of girls hollering at the top of their lungs. We kicked off the show with "Up all Night" which quickly got them on their feet and singing along with us. Nothing feels better than performing on stage in front of an amazing crowd. I constantly glanced over at Camryn to make sure she was alright, and she had a smile on her face every time I looked. The unfortunate thing about our shows is that they're so much fun they go so fast. 

"Alright, now it's time for my favorite part of the show. We are going to answer your questions from Twitter." I said making the crowd cheer loudly.

"So the first question says can you rap while dancing?" Liam read. "Well boys let's do it. 1, 2, 3, go!" Liam said as we started rapping the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I'm sure we looked and sounded ridiculous, but the fans loved it.

"Thank you Melanie for your question." Zayn said waving to her row.

"Alright the next question says where is Camryn?" I read out loud. "There she is!" I said pointing at her backstage. "Come on out Cam." I said motioning her over, but she shook her head nervously. "Come on! They don't bite." I assured her, but she still wouldn't come. "Camryn Erin Horan, come over here or your grounded." I said jokingly, but she slowly walked towards me. The crowd roared with "Aww's" when she came out. I knelt down when she got to me, and she wrapped her arms around my neck as I scooped her up with my free arm. "You know I was just kidding right?" I asked her. She just nodded silently, I could feel her body trembling in my arms. "Okay good." I laughed and rubbed her back soothingly. "Show everyone your amazing shirt." I said showing off her One Direction shirt to the crowd, making them cheer. "If anyone wanted to know, these shirts are sold in the gift shop. So if you fancy it, go buy it!" I said jokingly, but kind of serious at the same time. It's never a bad time to advertise. 

"Say hello, Camryn." Niall told her. Camryn put a couple fingers in her mouth and slightly waved, making the fans cheer again.

"Camryn, let's tell the fans a little about yourself." I said. She tried to hide the smile that was tugging on her lips. "What's your favorite color?"

"Blue" She putting her little hand over mine as she spoke into the microphone.

"What's your favorite animal?" I asked.


"What's your favorite drink?"

"Milk." She giggled, knowing I hated it.

"Ew, okay next question. What's your favorite show? But I already know the answer to that question because we watch it together all the time." I smiled knowingly.

"Spongebob!" She said and high fived my hand I held out to her.

"Alright I'm done embarrassing you, Camryn everyone!" The crowd cheered as I carried her off the stage and put her down next to Paul. I ruffled her hair before running back on the stage to finish out the concert. We sang a couple more songs and closed out the concert with "I Want."

"Thank you so much for coming out tonight, we appreciate every single one of you." I said pointing to the fans.

"We would definitely not be here without you guys so thank you." Harry said.

"Goodnight New Zealand!" Liam shouted as we jogged off the stage. Niall grabbed Camryn and spun her around making her laugh cutely.

"What'd ya think of the show, babe?" He asked as he pecked a kiss on her head.

"It was good!" She answered making us smile.

As we drove away there were a lot of fans trying to chase after our car, but we eventually got to the hotel safely. Camryn had fallen asleep on my lap so I carried her in to our suite carefully. I tucked her into Niall's bed and kissed her goodnight.

"Louis," She said right before I almost walked out the door.

"What's up, babe?" I asked walking back over to her.

"Can you tell me a story?" She asked hesitantly.

"Of course!" I smiled. "What would you like to hear?" I asked looking in her suitcase for a book.

"I dunno." She mumbled and shrugged her shoulders.

"Okay," I chuckled, knowing I would have to make one up on the spot. "Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Sally who lived in a forest. Sally was a very curious girl, and would tend to get into trouble because of her curiosity. Her parents always told her to stay away from a certain part of the woods, but never told her why. One day Sally decided that she would go see what was in that part of the woods." 

Camryn started tensing up and brought her blankets up to her chin.

"Sally slowly crept into the dark forest and looked around cautiously. The suddenly she heard a noise and turned around to see a giant werewolf!" I said, causing Camryn to gasp. "The end!" I smiled. 

"What? You can't end the story like that!" Camryn said.

"Yes I can, and I will. It's past your bedtime." I chuckled and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. 

"That was a lame story." She said, causing me to chuckle. 

"Well, maybe you should tell me a better one tomorrow." I said tucking her back into bed. She nodded and closed her eyes. "Goodnight, Cam. Sweet dreams." I whispered.

"Night, Louis." She murmured and fell into a peaceful slumber. 

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