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Niall's POV

Today was the last day of summer for Camryn, which also meant we had officially reached the maximum procrastination level for buying school supplies. I can't let her walk into school with nothing, so today we're finally getting it over with and taking a trip to the bookstore.

"Let's get this over with. I want to be in and out of here in thirty minutes max." I said before hopping out of the car. I hate shopping, and I know how girls can be. They have to look at everything in the entire store and a ten minute errand will turn into a two hour shopping spree for stuff we weren't even planning on getting. Being dragged along with my Mum on her shopping sprees scarred me as a child. 

"Yeah right." Camryn scoffed while getting out as well. What does she mean 'yeah right?' I was being generous with that time frame. How much time does an eight year old need to buy school supplies? 

"Do you have your list?" I asked while opening the door for.

"Yup." She nodded while waving it in the air to show me. I followed her in the store and my jaw nearly dropped to the floor when I gazed upon the sight in front of me. It was a freaking zoo in here right now.  

"Seriously? Everyone had to wait till the last day to do their shopping?" I said to myself while looking around at all the frantic parents dragging their children around the store. The sight brought back lots of memories. 

"Isn't that why we're here?" Camryn asked. 

"I thought we'd be the only ones. Jesus, this is gonna take forever." I sighed while rubbing my temples. 

"On the last day of summer? This is the worst day to shop besides Black Friday. Honestly, Niall, it's like you've never been shopping before. Mum would be very disappointed." Camryn said before leading me around the store. Well sor-ry, Miss Avid Shopper. 

"How many things are on that list?" I asked while following down each aisle. 

"A lot." She hummed while looking at the the selection of notebooks. She finally decided on a pack of sparkly ones and dropped them in the cart. 

"What's next?" I asked while pushing the cart.

"Pencils, pens, and colors." She said while leading me that way. She knew every store like the back of her hand, just like Mum always did. Must be a girl thing. I'd be circling this place for hours trying to find anything in here. 

"What's with all the sparkly stuff? Is that the new trend?" I asked after she put sparkly pencils in the cart. 

"You have to match." She said while grabbing a pack of pens to go with the rest of the supplies. 

"That's ridiculous, you don't have to match. I used to grab the first thing I saw." I said. Camryn sighed and gave me an unimpressed look. 

"That's what all boys do." 

"Yes, because it's smart and quick." I smiled. 

"Or just lazy." She smirked back. 

"Hater." I chuckled and followed her to the next aisle, which was clearly the start of the backpack section. "Let me guess, you're looking for a sparkly backpack." I hummed.

"No, definitely not." Camryn said.

"What happened to matching?" I asked confused. 

"You can't make everything match, that's just too much. I'm looking for a solid colored backpack. Preferably pink." She said while searching for one that met her standards. Girls are so confusing. I don't think I'll ever figure them out. 

"Well obviously you don't need my help. You just do your thing and get me out of here quickly." I chuckled. 

"No promises." She giggled and tossed a backpack into the cart. I groaned and followed her to the next aisle. 

"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! That's Niall Horan!" I heard a girl squeal from a good distance behind me. I absentmindedly turned around after hearing my name, which caused the girl to run up and hug me. 

"Hello." I chuckled and hugged her back.

"I never thought I'd ever meet you, I can't believe this is happening!" She said while squeezing me tighter. 

"Well it's lovely to meet you as well." I smiled and broke from the hug. 

"Can we take a picture? I swear I won't bother you after that." She said.

"Of course we can take a picture, and you'd never bother me." I hummed while she pulled up the camera on her phone. I looked back at Camryn to make sure she was close by. Luckily, she was occupied with trying to find some binders. 

"Ready?" She asked while holding up her phone for a selfie. 

"Yup." I said before flashing a smile at the camera. I waited until she captured the picture before breaking my pose. 

"Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this means to me." She squealed excitedly. 

"Absolutely." I smiled and gave her another hug. 

"Okay, I'll let you go now. Thank you so much, Niall." 

"Alright, it was nice to meet you. Have a good one." I hummed before catching up to Camryn. I noticed the amount of stuff in the cart had multiplied in the little amount of time I was occupied elsewhere. 

"All done?" I asked tiredly. I can assure you shop till you drop is a real thing. 

"Yup." Camryn smiled and nodded. 

"Sweet, let's check out." I sighed in relief and followed her to the cashier, only to find out that every line was at least ten customers long. 

"This is gonna take as long as shopping did." I groaned and put my head in my hands. This is exactly why I hate shopping. Remind me to send one of the boys to do this next time. 

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