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Niall's POV

Unfortunately, we decided to end the concert early due to the incident with Camryn. No one felt like singing after that, and I definitely didn't want my baby sister out of my sight now. We went back to our hotel and sat around the living room for a group meeting, like we did back home. I held a bag of ice on Camryn's arm while she was sitting on my lap. 

"Camryn, tell us exactly what happened when the girl attacked you." Louis told her. 

"Well I was walking behind Paul, and then I felt someone grabbing my arm really tight. I yelled Paul's name but he couldn't hear me, because we were right in front of the speakers. I told her to let me go and she said she was going to keep me until you guys came looking for me, because she just wanted to meet you." Camryn explained. I felt nauseous listening to Camryn recall what happened. I couldn't stop thinking about how scared she must've been. 

"That's just sick. She harmed an eight year old all because she wanted to meet us." Louis said in disgust. 

"We can never ever let this happen again. We have to come up with something to protect us and Camryn." I added. 

"When my family comes to watch us they like to sit in the crowd. We need to make it safe for our families to be able to do that. It's not fair for them to not be able to come because of some fans who can't control themselves." Zayn said. 

"Maybe the security is fine..." Camryn mumbled. All of our heads snapped in Camryn's direction in confusion. After everything that just happened she thinks it's fine? She must need to lie down, because that's crazy talk. 

"Look, Cam. I know you feel guilty for Paul being upset, but obviously we need more protection from our fans." I informed her. 

"It wasn't security's fault, and it wasn't Paul's fault either." She told me. 

"What are you trying to tell us." I asked. 

"You know how I'm a Justin Bieber fan?" She started off. 

"Yeah?" I said confused. 

"Well remember when that girl said Justin got her pregnant backstage?" She added. 

"Go on..." Louis told her, trying to see her point. 

"I was so mad because I thought Justin would never let fans meet him back stage ever again, so I thought I would never get to meet him. I also thought he would think badly about all of his fans, which really upset me, because I knew I wasn't like that at all." She explained. 

"So what's your point?" Harry asked confused. 

"My point is that it was just one crazy fan that attacked me. It's never happened before. I know we got mobbed at the store, but they weren't trying to hurt us. They just wanted autographs and pictures from Harry. So you shouldn't take anything away from the other fans because of one crazy girl. They didn't do anything to deserve that, but the girl who attacked me is getting punished for what she did." Camryn said. We all looked around at each other. She made a valid point. 

"You know what? You're absolutely right, Camryn." Louis added. 

"You just got attacked by a fan, and you're saying that we shouldn't do anything about it?" Harry asked for clarification. 

"Yeah, pretty much." Camryn nodded. "It's not anyone's fault but mine. I should've been closer to Paul. And like I said, that fan is in trouble for what she did."

"I want to press charges on the girl." I said, shaking my head furiously. I just couldn't get past the fact that someone hurt my baby sister. They were going to pay, and I was going to make sure of it. 

"No, Niall. I'm fine. She's already in trouble." Camryn sighed. 

"Honestly, I think you should. She did a horrible thing to Camryn." Louis agreed with me. 

"Yeah, Camryn hadn't done anything to her. She was just trying to walk with Paul." Liam added. 

"Is anyone listening to me?" Camryn asked frustratedly, but we were all too heated to pay attention. 

"I agree. Things like that can't go without full punishment. What a stupid, heartless thing to do." Harry said.

"When we charge her, we have to show pictures of Camryn's bruises, so we have evidence." Zayn told us. 

"HEY!" Camryn shouted and stood up, clearly out of patience. We all went quiet and looked at Camryn in shock. I've never heard Camryn talk to anyone like that. "Shouldn't I have a say in this? I mean I was the one that got attacked, not you guys." Camryn said. She did have a point, whether I agreed or not. "I don't want to press charges against her." Camryn said seriously. 

"Again, I know you are trying to be nice, but just think about what she did to you." I said. "She was trying to take you from us, and gave you a huge bruise on your arm. There's no way I'm not pressing charges." I told her. 

"Then you're just giving her the attention she wants. She did this because she wanted to meet you guys, remember? If we do anything, she'll get what she wanted." Camryn explained. Did I just get outsmarted by an eight year old? Jesus, I need a drink. 

"No, she's right. We can't let that happen." Louis agreed with Camryn once again. 

"So you're saying we aren't pressing charges anymore?" Harry asked, still confused. 

"No, we can't. We should just do what Camryn said and don't do anything." I sighed. 

"You want us to pretend like this never happened?" Liam asked Camryn. She nodded immediately. 

"Why do you have to be such a good person?" Harry asked jokingly, which made her smile finally. 

"That's why we love you, Cam." Louis said. 

"Alright I'm feeling a group hug." I said standing up with Camryn in my arms.

"Thank you. I love you guys so much." Camryn smiled during the embrace. It was a great moment and all, but I was absolutely starving after all of this excitement. 

"I'm so hungry right now." I said breaking the silence. Louis sighed and rolled his eyes. 

"Oh for god sakes Niall, you ruined the moment!" 

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