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Niall's POV

We finished the performance, and the crowd was going crazy. 

"That's a wrap!" The producer announced. We followed the security back inside the waiting room where Camryn was still sleeping. 

"Nice job, boys. Let's go back to the hotel and get some rest." Paul said. I picked up Camryn causing her to wake up. 

"Hey sleepyhead, you've been sleeping for a while. Are you feeling okay?" I asked. 

"Yeah, I'm just really tired." She said, resting her head on my shoulder. 

"She's probably just jet lagged." Harry said while rubbing her back. 

"Well we're going back to the hotel to get some rest, so you can go back to sleep." Louis told her. Paul led us out the door, and the screaming fans ran toward us, which made me a little nervous. I held Camryn tightly, as hundreds of screaming girls were getting closer and closer to us. 

"I'm sorry no autographs right now." Paul announced to the fans. We finally got to the car, and Paul started it up quickly. I locked my door when I saw fans running up to the car. Finally, the car was moving and we were on our way to the hotel. Luckily our hotel was really close. When we got back to the hotel we ran in and went straight to our room. I sat Camryn down on the couch, and Louis turned on the TV to SpongeBob for her. I kissed her forehead before sitting with the boys at the bar top in the kitchen. 

"I am so hungry right now." I groaned. 

"I'll make us something." Harry said, digging in the refrigerator. I pulled out my phone and went on Twitter while the other boys were watching SpongeBob from the bar. 

"Okay, looks like we're having toast." Harry announced. 

"Toast? Just toast?" Louis complained. 

"It's the only thing in here. I would've called room service, but someone got us grounded from it." Harry said. 

"Well whose fault is that, Harold?" Louis asked, just trying to get a rise out of him. 

"Yours!" Harry nearly shouted. 

"I don't even care if we eat toast. I'm starving. Can you please just make it?" I begged. 

"Fine." Harry said, putting the bread in the toaster. I started to a buzzing noise coming from outside. 

"Does anyone hear that?" I asked. Everyone looked at me confused. 

"Camryn, can you turn the volume off right quick?" I asked her. She picked up the remote and put it on mute. "Now listen." I told everyone. The noise of the buzzing increased. It was almost like the buzzing noise we hear at our shows. That's when the lightbulb went off in my head. "Oh, Jesus, they found us." I sighed. The boys got up and slowly walked towards the patio. I picked up Camryn and followed them. As soon as we walked onto the patio the screaming intensified dramatically. We all looked over the ledge and couldn't help but wave to them. It really does feel good to be so loved. 

"We aren't going to be getting any sleep now that they know where we are." Liam pointed out. 

"They'll have to get tired and go home eventually, right?" I asked. 

"You never know." Zayn shrugged. 

"Camryn, look there's a sign with your name on it!" Louis said, pointing to the sign. Camryn gasped and smiled from ear to ear. "Now if I wouldn't have pointed that out, you would've never seen it. So that makes me your favorite, right?" Louis said before tickling her sides. 

"I don't have a favorite!" She giggled and squirmed away from his tickling fingers. 

"you better say I'm your favorite, or I'll feed you to the dogs!" He said, pointing to the fans. Camryn giggled and shook her head cutely. 

"Wait, do you guys smell that?" Liam asked. 

"It wasn't me this time. I swear." I said seriously. They literally always point the finger at me when someone farts. Granted, it is me most of the time, but not all the time! 

"It smells like burnt hair." Zayn replied, scrunching his nose at the disturbing smell. 

"The toast!" Harry screamed before running back in the room. 

"Stay here. Don't move." I told Camryn while setting her down. She nodded obediently before I went inside after the boys. Everyone grabbed a towel and waved it in the air to try and make the smoke go away. I stood on top of the kitchen counter, trying to get the smoke away from the smoke detector. Harry turned off the toaster and waved his towel over the smoke, but there was just too much of it. The smoke wasn't going away any time soon. Then to make things worse the smoke alarm started beeping, making us all freak out. 

"Wave your towels faster! The alarm is about to set off the-"Before Louis could finish, water sprayed from the ceiling, soaking us and everything in the room. "Water." Louis sighed. The water stopped moments later, and the smoke was gone. No one moved from their position. All we could do was stare at one another in shock. Camryn slowly walked in after she heard all the commotion stop. Once she saw the room, her jaw almost dropped to the floor. 

"You guys are going to be in so much trouble." She said matter-of-factly. 

"Yeah, we know." Louis sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. 

"How are you going to clean this up? Everything is wet!" She asked. 

"Good question." Zayn sighed and fixed his soaking wet hair as best as he could.  

"We better think quick before Paul walks in." Liam said. But what do you know, Paul walks in the door right on cue. His face said it all. He was so mad he couldn't even say anything. We all just stood there and watched him in horror. 

"Well, there goes our toaster privileges too." Harry mumbled.

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