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Camryn's POV

The boxes were starting to pile up all over the house. It was becoming emptier by the day, and felt a lot less homey, which made me sad. It made me think about when Niall and I had to pack up our childhood home and move away from it. Although I've only lived in this house for about a year now, I still wanted to cling to the memories we made together within these walls. Niall told me that a house is just brick, and we can always keep the memories with us, but it still doesn't make this any easier. 

"Cam, are you ready?" Niall asked me. 

"Yeah." I nodded and grabbed my backpack. 

"Alright, let's get going." He hummed and opened the front door. I followed him out to the car before climbing in the back seat. 

"What're you guys doing today? Are you going to the studio?" I asked after he got in the car as well. 

"No, we're doing some more house hunting today." Niall hummed. 

"Oh. How's that going?" I asked, internally hoping they were failing. 

"Pretty good. Lots of potentially good neighborhoods. After today I think we're going to make a decision. We've looked at a lot already." He said while starting to drive us to my school. 

"Already? How?" I asked, hoping he didn't pick up on the disappointment in my voice. 

"The market is really good for us to buy right now, and we've been lucky with the houses that've gone on sale around us." 

"You've only been looking for a week though. That's really quick." I said. 

"I know, isn't that crazy?" Niall smiled. 

"Yeah. Crazy." I sighed and looked out the window. Is it bad that I suddenly wanted the market to crash and burn? Niall parked in front of my school minutes later and helped me out of the car. 

"Doing anything interesting today in school?" He asked while walking in with me. 

"No, just an ordinary day." I said. 

"Well I'm sure you'll do something interesting." He hummed. I waved to Audrey when we got to my classroom before turning back to Niall. 

"See you after school." I smiled and hugged him. 

"Yes you will. Behave, have fun, and learn something new." He said, placing a gentle kiss into my hair. 

"Okay." I nodded and waved good-bye before walking to my desk. 

"Hey!" Audrey smiled, excited to see me. 

"Hey, Audrey!" I smiled and hugged her. 

"Guess what?" 

"What?" I asked while getting settled. 

"Well first of all, I asked my parents if I could watch the VMA's because of your brother and they let me and I saw you on TV!" She shrieked. 

"You did?" I smiled. 

"Yeah! A couple times actually. The first time I saw you met Justin Bieber! Everyone's been asking me about it already today."

"Really? What're they asking?" I giggled. 

"They asked me if I had seen or talked to you about it yet and obviously I said no, then they went away, but I felt popular for a second which was nice." Audrey giggled. "But I also saw you when your brother's band won and you hugged them and stuff it was sweet. Tell them I said congrats." 

"I will, thanks." I smiled. 

"So what was it like?" She asked. 

"The VMA's?" 

"No, meeting Justin!" Audrey whisper-shouted, as she didn't want a crowd to arise around me. 

"Oh, so you know Justin Bieber but you didn't know who One Direction were? How does that work?" I teased. 

"I don't know, Justin has been around for a little while and One Direction is new." She laughed. "So tell me what it was like." 

"It was perfect. He was really sweet , and he gives really warm hugs." I smiled, feeling my cheeks heat up at the thought of the moment I shared with him. 

"Well be prepared to be swarmed by girls at recess, because I'm pretty sure everyone knows about it." Audrey said seriously. 

"How?" I asked. "I didn't think anyone would watch." 

"Well the girls in the older grades watched and most of them have little sisters who are our age." Audrey explained. 

"Oh." I nodded. 

"Oh, happy late birthday by the way!" Audrey smiled and hugged me. 

"Thank you." I giggled. 

"Besides Justin singing to you, what was your favorite present?" She asked.

"The boys all got me really sweet gifts, but Niall got me a phone." I smiled and pulled part of it out of my backpack to show her. 

"Oh my gosh, no way!" Audrey gasped. "That's so cool! I've been asking for a phone for Christmas every year since I was like three, but I still haven't gotten one." She pouted. 

"Well Niall said it's only for emergencies and it has to stay in my backpack during school. But we could totally FaceTime on your Mum or Dad's phone sometime." I said excitedly. 

"That would be so cool!" Audrey smiled. "Can you text on it?" She asked. 

"Yeah, but Niall says I can only text him or the boys." 

"That's still cool. I love taking pictures on my Mum's phone." She said. 

"We should take one on mine!" I gasped. 

"Yes!" Audrey squealed excitedly. 

"We'll have to be quick, so Mrs. Deegan doesn't see." I whispered and quickly pulled out my phone. 

"One, two, three." I smiled and took the picture. 

"Let me see." Audrey whispered and looked at the picture with me. 

"I think it looks cute." I smiled and looked at the picture with her. 

"That is cute." Audrey smiled and nodded. 

"I'm gonna keep this forever." I smiled and set the picture as my screensaver. 

"Promise?" Audrey asked and held out her pinky finger. I giggled and hooked my pinky finger around hers.


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