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Harry's POV

It was so early that it was still dark outside, and we were already backstage at the Today Show. Each of us were getting our hair and makeup done, and Camryn was knocked out cold on the couch. She's not a morning person, so we thought it would be best to let her sleep. No one wants to deal with a grumpy eight year old girl. 

"I'" I managed to say while yawning. 

"Well wake up. You can't go on national television looking like that." Zayn told me. 

"Here I got him." Louis said before walking over to me. A sharp smack to the back of my head startled me from my groggy daze. 

"Ow! What was that for?" I shouted at him while rubbing the sore spot. 

"Did it wake you up?" Louis asked. 

"Yeah..." I answered. 

"Then it worked." Louis said walking away with a victorious smile on his face. I shook my head and rolled my eyes. Sassy little git. When we got our cue, we stood up and filed onto the set. 

"Please welcome One Direction!" The Today Show host announced. We smiled and waved while making our way to the couch and sitting down. The familiar screams of fans made our ears ring slightly. "Welcome to America, boys! How do you like it here so far?" She asked. 

"Thank you very much, and thank you for having us." Louis smiled. "We actually haven't been here very long, so we haven't been able to walk around, but the weather is amazing and I think we're all excited about the upcoming shows." He answered. 

"So you guys have a unique story. You all tried out separately on the X Factor and were put together by Simon is that correct?" She asked. 

"Yeah, we all tried out separately and didn't go through, so we thought we were going home. Then Simon called us and some others back on stage and told us we were going to be group acts." Liam replied. 

"Was it a little bit awkward not knowing each other and then all of a sudden you're in a group together?" The host asked. 

"Um, no not really. I think we were just happy that we weren't going home." I responded. "We did know of each other, because we had seen each other around when we were all separate acts."

"And you guys got along well from the beginning?" She questioned. 

"Yeah, we got along really well, and we haven't ever been in a fight or anything like that. We're all just five best friends that love being around each other." Zayn said. 

"That's sweet. I've gotta ask you boys something. Is Simon scary in person?" She asked, which made us laugh. 

"No, he's actually quite nice." Niall responded. 

"Really? Wow, that's shocking." She chuckled. "You boys are so lovely. I bet it must be hard on your families with you guys being gone for so long." She said. 

"Thank you." Louis smiled. "Yeah, it's really hard, because we go six months without being able to see them. Whenever we get breaks we always spend it with our families." Louis responded. 

"Who calls home the most?" She questioned. We all smiled and turned our heads towards Louis, who nodded and raised his hand. 

"I think I do. I call my Mum every night." He said. 

"Aw, so you're a Mommy's boy?" She teased. 

"Yeah, I am." Louis laughed. 

"Now I heard someone ordered food to the wrong hotel room yesterday. Was it you Louis?" She asked. 

"How did you hear about that already? It was an accident, and I'm completely innocent." Louis stated, making everyone laugh. "What happened was I ordered a bunch of food for me and the boys and sent the bill to Paul's room as a joke, but it turned out that it wasn't his room." Louis explained. 

"Did you ever figure out whose room it was?" She questioned. 

"Yeah, we had to call the room and explain what happened. The lady was so sweet and forgiving about it." Louis said. 

"So your new single "What Makes You Beautiful" has reached number one here. How crazy is that?" She asked. 

"It's amazing. We never expected any of this to happen, and we're so grateful for our amazing fans. They support us and request it on the radio, which is why it got to number one. None of this is possible without their support, so thank you." Liam answered. 

"Your fans are crazy about you over here. I don't know what your other fans are like, but these fans somehow know where you are at all times. Is it kind of freaky to you?" She asked. 

"It's quite flattering that they care so much, and we're so thankful that they're always supporting us. We don't think it's freaky. We know it's all out of love." I replied. 

"Well it was a pleasure meeting you boys and best of luck in the future." She smiled. 

"Thank you." We all said in unison. 

"Alright when we come back the boys will be performing their new hit single "What Makes You Beautiful", so don't go away." She announced before it went on commercial break. We thanked them one last time and followed the security outside to the stage. There were already hundreds of screaming fans waiting around the stage, and when they saw us the screaming just intensified. We waved as we walked on stage and made sure the microphones were working before it came off commercial break. 

"Okay, boys we're back on in five, four, three, two, one." The producer said before pointing to us. 

"Here to perform their new hit single "What Makes You Beautiful", please welcome One Direction!" The host said as the music began. 

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