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Zayn's POV

 We were hanging out backstage, because we had just finished sound check. All of us were sitting on one couch, because Camryn fell asleep on the only other one. Now it was time to do an interview for an Australian radio station.

"I'm Susan from K105 and joining me now is One Direction!" 

"Hello!" We all said in unison. 

"First of all, how great is it to be on your own tour?" She asked us. 

"It's been amazing. We love being on tour, because we get to see all our fans from around the world." Liam replied. 

"We obviously wouldn't be anywhere without our fans, so it's all thanks to them for where we are today, and hopefully we can see all of them eventually." Louis added. 

"Yeah, our fans are just incredible. We get so much support from them. It's amazing." I added. 

"Speaking of your incredible fans, what's the craziest thing someone has done to you guys to get your attention?" Susan questioned. 

"Actually, the other day we were driving to go eat and we got flashed. Camryn was in the car, so it was pretty awkward." Niall responded. 

"Oh no, did she see?" She asked. 

"Unfortunately, yeah. She's scarred now." Niall joked. 

"That's terrible. Did the girl know your sister was in there?" She questioned. 

"Uh I dunno, but I would hope if she did know that she wouldn't have flashed us." Niall laughed. 

"So you're saying as long as Camryn isn't around girls can flash you." Susan said jokingly. 

"We don't encourage girls to do that, but I mean there's nothing we can do when it happens." I chuckled. 

"So have you guys been able to do anything fun while being here?" 

"The other day we got to swim with a dolphin and take pictures with him, so that was a lot of fun and we enjoyed it very much." Louis answered. 

"That sounds awesome. So there is something I need to bring up. Yesterday I heard one of you got mobbed by fans at a store, who was it?" We all turned our heads towards Harry, who sighed and raised his hand embarrassedly. "Can you explain what happened to us?" Susan questioned. 

"Well, basically, I was trying to take Camryn shopping. She collects shirts from different places so I was trying to help her find a shirt that said Australia on it. Then a bunch of fans found out we were there, and we got locked in the store for about half an hour." Harry explained. 

"How did you get out?" She asked. 

"The police came and cleared out the fans, and Paul came to get me and Camryn." Harry said. 

"That's crazy, but I'm glad you two made it out okay. How has Camryn been able to take all this in?" Susan asked curiously. 

"Well it was a huge change for her. She's never been in such big crowds before, because we come from a small town, but she is doing very well." Niall responded immediately. 

"Yeah, she's quite shy too, so living with five rambunctious boys is going to be hard for her, but she'll get more and more used to it I think." I said. 

"This isn't normal for an eight year old, you know? The screaming can be overwhelming even for us sometimes, but she takes it very well. At concerts she wears Liam's Beats because it gets so loud." Louis laughed. 

"I think the fans already know quite a lot about her. I don't know where they find out these things." Liam said. 

"You're fans do more research than the FBI. Of course they already know everything about Camryn." Susan said making us laugh. 

"At our last concert, in New Zealand, I saw a sign that said Camryn's name on it. I showed it to her, and it made her day. She's never gotten attention like this before in her life, so it's flattering to her." Harry added. 

"That's so sweet. It's like she's kind of going through what you guys went through with all your fame coming at you so fast." Susan said. 

"Yeah, I mean a couple weeks ago she was a normal kid living a normal life, and now if she's seen on the streets someone recognizes her." Liam answered. 

"Well I'm being told we are out of time. Thank you so much for your time boys, and good luck with your show tonight." Susan said. 

"Thank you." We all said in unison. After Susan had left Camryn's eyes fluttered open from the increased chatter coming from us. 

"Well good morning, sunshine. You woke up right in time for the show." Louis said making her smile and rub the sleepiness out of her eyes. 

"The crowd's ready, boys. You better get out there." Paul said to us. 

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