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Camryn's POV

Today was the day that changed our lives forever. It was the one year anniversary since my parents passed away in the car accident. Niall and I took a flight out to Mullingar for the day, just to be alone. When our plane landed, we just went straight to the shuttles since we didn't have any luggage. I rummaged through my backpack, and pulled out my stuffed elephant for comfort while 

"You doing okay?" Niall asked, wrapping his arm around my shoulders protectively. 

"Yeah." I nodded and rested my head against him. We sat in silence, watching cars go by. Neither of us felt up for talking much today. 

"Cab's here." He said before standing up. 

"Where are we going?" I asked him curiously while getting in the cab. 

"You'll see." He said, smiling at me sadly. I stared out the window the whole car ride, then finally we pulled up to our destination. I held my breath as we pulled up to our old house. I was at a loss of words; I just couldn't quite take it all in yet. 

"Ready?" Niall asked me while opening the car door. I nodded and followed him out of the car, holding his hand while we walked up to the front door. He slowly reached up and knocked three times. It was weird not being able to just walk in like we used to. It still didn't  feel real that someone else lived here now. A few minutes later a lady with grey hair and glasses opened the door. 

"Hi, my name's Niall and this is my little sister Camryn-" The lady instantly gasped and placed her hand on her chest, causing Niall and I to look at each other confused. 

"You were the ones who lived here before, weren't you?" She asked us timidly. Niall nodded and smiled faintly. 

"Come on in, I'm sure you're dying to look around. I'm Edna by the way." She said while opening the door wider. Niall and I walked in and noticed how much the house had changed. They definitely put their own touch on the house. It almost felt like it wasn't the same house. Edna led us down the hall and into the first room.

"This was my room." I said. I could only raise my voice to barely above a whisper I was in so much shock. 

"This is our guest room for whenever my grandkids come for a visit." Edna hummed. I let go of Niall's hand and walked around my old room, I almost didn't recognize it. I closed my eyes and thought back to the night before the accident. I was lying in bed while my Mum sat on the edge of it and my Dad was on a knee right beside me. My dad was reading me my favorite story, and my mom was listening while stroking my hair. I would do anything to relive that moment just one more time. I took a deep breath and walked back over to Niall. 

"Let's go see my old room." He said before taking my hand and leading us to his room. 

"Oh, this is the toy room for my grandkids." Edna smiled. Niall chuckled and shook his head. 

"So many memories." He hummed. "Right over there was my guitar set-up. Dad and I would rock out with that, then Mum would come in and tell us to be quiet because we were shaking the whole house." Niall laughed. Even though he was trying to smile, I could see the pain in his eyes. He sighed and walked out of the room, he probably couldn't stay in there any longer. I followed closely behind him and grabbed his hand again. 

"All that's left to see is Mum and Dad's room." He said. "Do you mind if we see it?" He asked Edna. 

"Not at all, you go right ahead." She said. 

"Thank you." Niall smiled and led me into their room. Once again, all we could do is look around in silence, letting all the memories flood back into our minds. 

"When my husband and I were moving in, your Aunt left behind this cabinet for me because I loved it so much. I actually found a necklace in there and I thought you might want it. I had no way of contacting you, and hoped someday you'd be back so I could give it to you." Edna said. She pulled out a necklace and placed it in Niall's hand, who instantly teared up at the sight of it. A few tears ran down his cheeks while he rubbed over it with his thumb. I had no idea who's necklace that was, but from Niall's reaction I assumed it was my Mum's. He took a minute to calm himself down before kneeling down next to me.

"Do you remember this?" He asked me. I finally remembered Mum wearing it a few times, because she never wanted anything to happen to it. 

"Yeah." I nodded and ran my finger over the detailing of it. 

"It's her locket." Niall said before opening the heart shaped lock. When it opened there was a picture of the four of us that was taken on Christmas when I was five. We were all wearing our matching Christmas pajamas. I couldn't help but laugh at how messy everyone's hair looked, we must've just woken up. Niall closed it and carefully slipped it into his pocket. 

"Thank you so much for letting us do this. We missed this place a lot." Niall told Edna. 

"It was so lovely to finally meet you." She smiled. 

"You too. Thank you for taking care of the place, and I hope you guys make some beautiful memories here." Niall said. Edna teared up and hugged us tightly. I thought I was going to hate whoever lived in our old house, but I was actually glad Edna had it. It was giving a new life to the house, and it also allowed Niall and I to move on with our lives. After saying goodbye to Edna we got back in the cab.

"Where to next, Sir?" The driver asked Niall. 

"The cemetery, please." Niall told him. My heart dropped to my stomach once he said that. I started having flashbacks of the funeral, and could feel that horrible feeling rise in my chest. The drive to the cemetery was shorter than I remembered. Niall grabbed my hand when we were both out of the car and led me to where Mum and Dad were. Suddenly Niall and I were standing in front of their headstones. I didn't realize I was crying until Niall rubbed his thumb over my cheek. 

"Let's just sit down and relax, yeah?" Niall hummed. I just nodded and sat down next to the graves. 

"I miss them." I sniffled and rubbed Mum's headstone. 

"Me too." Niall hummed. "I can't believe it's already been a year." 

"Me either." I sighed. 

"I bet they're smiling down on us right now, and I know they're so proud of us for how strong we've been." Niall said. 

"Yeah." I smiled and nodded. "Hey, Niall?" 

"Yeah?" Niall hummed and looked at me. 

"I just wanted to say thank you for everything you've done for me. I know it's been hard having to take care of me, but I'm glad you did." 

"You're my baby sister, Cam. I would've made the same decision if I had to do it over again." Niall said seriously. "When I started the band I was really worried about missing watching you grow up, and although I wish Mum and Dad didn't have to miss it I'm glad I get to experience it. I may be a little biased, but you're the best little sister a brother could ask for." 

"I guess you're a pretty cool brother too." I smiled and nudged his arm playfully. 

"We make a pretty great team, don't we?" Niall smiled. 

"Yeah, we do." I nodded. We sat with Mum and Dad and chatted until it was time for us to head back to the airport. 

"Ready to get out of here?" Niall asked. 

"Yeah." I nodded and stood up before helping Niall up as well. 

"Let's say good bye." Niall sighed. 

"Bye Mummy, bye Daddy. We love you." I smiled. Niall smiled down at me before taking one last look at them. 

"See you next year." Niall said, and with that we walked out of the cemetery hand in hand. 

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