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Harry's POV

The boys and I were all sitting in the living room of the suite watching TV. We needed to rest today because our show is tomorrow, and yesterday was our busy day. Camryn walked over to us from her room, and had that familiar look on her face like she wanted something. 

"Hey Niall, can I go shopping for a new outfit?" She pleaded with puppy dog eyes. 

"I don't know I'm pretty tired from yesterday, and we have the show tomorrow. Maybe in a little bit." He responded. Niall hates shopping, and has always been the biggest couch potato in the group, so I wasn't surprised at how easy he shot down Camryn's cuteness. 

"But it won't take long! I promise! Please!" She begged even more. The way she folded her hands and bounced on her toes just about killed me inside. She must know how cute she looks, because she certainly knows how to play it in her favor. 

"I'll take her." I butted in, not able to watch her cute him to death any longer. 

"No, that's okay she can wait. Besides you need to rest too." Niall said to me. 

"No really it's fine. I don't need to rest anymore. I've been doing it all day." I responded. Camryn's face lit up in excitement. 

"You sure?" Niall asked. 

"Of course!" I replied while standing my lazy butt up from the couch. 

"Camryn, what do you say?" Niall said to her. 

"Thank you, Harry." She said slightly embarrassed. 

"Are you going to take Paul with you?" Louis asked us. 

"No, I'm gonna try and get out of here before he sees us. We'll be fine, don't worry." I said taking Camryn's hand and walking out the door. I hated bothering Paul on our rest days, because he needs his rest too. When we got out of the hotel we started walking down the sidewalk looking for stores Camryn might want to shop in. "So what kind of clothes do you want?" I questioned Camryn. 

"I want a shirt that says Australia on it." She replied. 

"Like a souvenir?" 

"Yeah, I like to get a shirt from every single place I travel to." She told me. 

"Oh, so you like to collect shirts from around the world. That's brilliant! How many shirts do you have?" I asked her. 

"Not many. I have one from New Zealand, London, and Ireland, so far." She said with a slight pout. 

"Well after the tour you will have lots more. I promise." I told her. 

"My Mummy said she was going to make a blanket out of all my shirts when I got enough." Camryn admitted softly with sad eyes.

"We can still make that happen." I said squeezing her hand reassuringly. 

Camryn smiled slightly and nodded, which broke my heart into a million pieces. She's taken all of this so well. It's hard to believe just a couple weeks ago she wasn't with us all the time. 

We kept looking in store windows to see if we could find any Australia shirts, but had no luck yet. "We'll find you a shirt, don't you worry." I assured her. We had been walking for about 15 minutes now, and I could tell she was starting to get tired, so I picked her up. 

"Harry, why is that guy taking pictures of us." She asked. I looked to where she was pointing and saw the paparazzi. 

"Because you're so beautiful." I said making her blush. I smiled and waved to the paparazzi since he was keeping a respectful distance from us. As we walked past another store, an Australia shirt caught my eye. We walked into the store, and I put Camryn down so she could pick out her favorite one. When she found the one she wanted we went to the fitting rooms so she could try it on. I waited for about 2 minutes outside the dressing room before checking on her. "Does it fit okay?" I asked through the door. 

"Yeah, I think so." She called back. 

"Come out and show me." I said just to make sure. It fit just fine, not too loose but not too tight. The length looked good as well. "That looks great, Cam. Do you want it?" She nodded and walked back into the dressing room to change back into her regular shirt. When she came out I walked with her to the register and took out my wallet to pay.

"Thank you, Harry." Camryn smiled. 

"You don't have to thank me, Cam. This was fun." I smiled. Suddenly I heard screams coming from outside, and it got louder by the second. An employee ran to the double glass doors and shut them tight. I noticed they were all fans trying to get in. They were screaming and slapping the windows, which freaked Camryn out. I picked her up, and she immediately hid her face in my shoulder. "I'm so sorry. I didn't think it was gonna be this big of a deal." I apologized to the cashier. 

"Oh no it's not a problem. You two will be safe in here. We just have to wait it out I guess. It sucks that this store has glass windows and doors. Hopefully your fans won't break in." The lady laughed. I took out my phone and dialed Paul. He was gonna kill me. This was a big no no, and I knew that. I just wanted it to be a quick trip without disturbing Paul, but of course this would happen. 

"Paul, it's Harry. I need you to come get me and Camryn. We're trapped in a store. A bunch of fans are screaming outside, and we can't get out. I have no idea where we are. Just take a right out of the hotel then go straight for about 15 blocks. You'll know when you're here cos of the crowd. I know it was stupid. I'm sorry, I'll explain later." I sighed and hung up. All I could think about was how mad Paul was at me. He's like a Dad to me, and it sucks disappointing him. We talked with the lady working here while we were waiting, and she couldn't have been nicer. It almost made me forget about this whole situation. But then I heard the familiar sounds of sirens and an angry Paul knocking at the door while the police cleared out all the fans. I thanked the lady again and grabbed Camryn's shirt before walking of the store. Paul held my arm and walked us to the car quickly. We drove to the hotel in silence, and I knew he was planning on lecturing me once we got back to the hotel. As we walked in the boys asked if we were alright, mostly worried about Camryn's well-being of course. Paul had told them what was happening, and I'm sure Niall wasn't too happy with me either. I sat down on the couch getting ready to listen to what Paul was going to say to me. 

"Don't let it happen again." He said pointing a parental finger at me. I sat there shocked at how brief our chat was while Paul left me to my own thoughts. Well, that was good...I guess? He must've known I knew it was wrong, and already feel pretty crappy about it. All I know is I definitely won't put Camryn at risk like that ever again. 

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