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Camryn's POV

I sat at the table in the kitchen of our hotel room and ate my breakfast while waiting for Mrs. Baxter to come.

"She should be here any minute." Niall told me as he turned on the TV. After finishing my breakfast I  brought my plate to the sink, and heard a knock at the door.

"No witches allowed in here." I mumbled as Niall went to open the door. He shot me a look before letting Mrs. Baxter in. 

"Good morning, Mrs. Baxter." Niall greeted her. She smiled quickly then walked right past him taking a seat next to me at the table. Niall gave me an encouraging thumbs up before going back to hang out with the boys, leaving me alone and defenseless with her. Some big brother he is. 

"Today's lesson will be over multiplication." Mrs. Baxter told me. I pretended to look excited like the boys told me too, but cringed on the inside. At my old school we weren't supposed to learn multiplication until next year! My brain is too young for this! 

"I thought that's for ten year olds? I'm only eight." I told her, not sure if she knew already.

"It's never too early to start learning." Mrs. Baxter assured me. Um, yes it is. You can't teach a baby multiplication. Ha! I'm smarter. "Multiplication is a very simple concept that you will use for a very long time. It's like adding, only you add the number multiple times." She said, and with that the lesson began. After she helped me with a few practice problems she handed me a little packet full of problems just like the ones we did a second ago.

"I want you to do this whole packet, and hand it to me when you're done. Don't ask me any questions until you've done every single problem. I want you to try and do it all by yourself first." She said. I started working right away, and went through the problems on the first page pretty quickly. Hey this wasn't so bad after all! However, every page became progressively harder than the last, and when I got to the last page I was struggling to say the least. I knew I couldn't ask for help so I gnawed on my pencil while thinking hard. Why couldn't she give me more of those multiply by one problems? Those were my favorite. Finally, after many stressful minutes I finished the packet  and handed it to Mrs. Baxter. 

"I'm done." I sighed.

"Let me check your answers." She said looking through every problem carefully. I silently prayed that I got at least one answer right, so she wouldn't kill me. Well, maybe if I did so bad she'll just quit. That would be nice. No school, and no Mrs. Baxter. How come I just thought of this now? Oh well, Niall would probably kill me if she didn't. I'll just wait on my impending doom from her I guess. All of a sudden I felt someone's hand on my shoulder, which brought me out of my thoughts.

"Good morning." Louis hummed and walked to the fridge.

"Morning." I sighed and and leaned my chin on my hand tiredly. Louis grabbed a bunch of food from the fridge and smirked at me, knowing I was miserable.

"Have fun." He smiled and strutted out of the kitchen. I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to Mrs. Baxter. 

"Okay, you got most of them right. You missed six on the last page so that's what we'll go over." Mrs. Baxter said putting the packet in front of me and pointed to the first problem I missed. Well that turned out better than I thought it would. We thoroughly went over every problem I didn't understand, until the whole packet made sense to me. My brain is officially fried at this point. Too much math for one day. 

"Alright, we're done for the day. You did very well." Mrs. Baxter said putting her stuff away. Did she just praise me? Did I just hear that right?

"Thanks." I smiled from the unexpected compliment. Mrs. Baxter quickly gathered all of her stuff and walked to the door. I followed right behind her, and opened the door to be nice. My parents always used to tell me that it was polite to open the door for people.

"I can tell you're a good student, Camryn. Let's keep it that way." She said before turning on her heels and walking away. I nodded and shut the door, kind of confused but happy I guess. Louis peeked his head around the corner and looked around the room cautiously.

"Is the witch gone yet?" He asked, making me laugh and nod my head.

"Louis, guess what?" I said excitedly. 

"What?" Louis asked, mocking my excitement. 

"She said I'm a good student! I think she likes me!" I told him while skipping over to him.

"No way!" Louis said in disbelief. 

"Yes way!" I giggled and clapped my hands. 

"I told you she wasn't that bad!" He said nudging my arm.

"What? No you didn't! You're the one that nicknamed her the mean old witch!" I said nudging him back. 

"Whatever." Louis chuckled and tickled my neck. I quickly squirmed away and ran over to Niall. 

"Protect me from Louis!" I said wrapping my arms around his waist. 

"So you and Mrs. Baxter are friends, huh?" Niall smirked, completely changing the subject. 

"I dont know, she said I was good." I shrugged. 

"She isn't so mean after all." Niall said rubbing my back.

"We'll see." I said still unsure if I could trust her. Today really wasn't so bad though. I just hope she does like me, because I'm too scared to be on her bad side. That wouldn't be good at all. 

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