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Niall's POV

I thought a lot about what Harry said, and there was no doubt about it. Camryn needed to make some friends her own age. We did a lot of research for the next couple days, since school was about to start up again. Time was running out, and we needed to take action. We found a lot of fantastic schools in the area, but there was one school that we knew would be the perfect fit for her, Courtland Academy. It's a private school that's just ten minutes away from our house. However, it's a hard school to get your kid into, so I decided to contact the school immediately and explain our situation. Turns out the principal's daughter attends the school and just so happens to be a fan of us. I knew being in a band would have its perks. Traveling the world, doing what I love for a living, and meeting millions of girls. However, getting my little sister into a school was a perk I was not anticipating as a boybander. So, the principal pulled some strings and accepted Camryn into the school. Now, I probably needed to tell Camryn that she was going back to school. Before that I decided to go tell Harry, my partner in crime in all this. 

"Hey, Harry. Come upstairs for a minute." I called to him from the top of the stairs.  

"Coming." Harry said and sprung up from the couch immediately. He obviously knew what I was calling him for. Once Harry got to the top of the stairs I led him into my room and shut the door. 

"Guess who got Camryn into Courtland Academy." I smiled excitedly. 

"Seriously? How?" Harry asked. 

"The principal may or may not have a teenage daughter, and said daughter may or may not be a fan of us." I chuckled. 

"Nice." Harry smiled and gave me a fist bump. 

"So, are you telling Camryn now?" Harry asked. 

"Yeah, will you help me?" I asked. 

"You're a big boy, Niall. I'm sure you can handle it." He laughed at me. 

"Hey, this was your idea." I said. 

"She's your little sister." He shot back. Touchè. 

"Alright, fine." I sighed and opened the door. "Camryn, will you come here for a second?" I called to her. 

"Good luck." Harry smiled and patted my shoulder before strolling out of my room. Butthead.

"Yeah?" Camryn asked, peaking her head in. 

"Come sit down." I hummed and patted the bed before sitting down as well. She walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge right next to me. 

"What did you wanna talk to me about?" Camryn asked. She was acting a little funny today.

"I've been thinking, since we'll be home for a while it would be best if you-" 

"Went back to school." Camryn cut me off. Wait, what? Did I just hear that right? 

"How did you know that?" I asked. 

"I heard you and Harry. You're not that good at being sneaky." She said. 

"Why didn't you say anything earlier?" I asked. 

"Why did you hide it from me?" She asked. Her tone was dripping with sass. If she's this sassy at eight years old, I don't know how I'm gonna survive her teenage years. Jesus, take the wheel. 

"I didn't want to say anything until it was final." I said, deciding to ignore her tone. 

"What if I don't want to go to school?" Camryn pouted and crossed her arms over her chest. Okay, now she's acting like a three your old. I can't keep up with these mood swings. 

"I think you're just saying that, because you're mad at me for hiding this from you." I said.

"No, I just don't wanna go. I want Mrs. Baxter to keep teaching me here." She said childishly. 

"Well, I'm sorry you feel that way, but you're going." I shrugged. 

"Why?" Camryn whined at me. 

"Because I said so." I said, giving her a look. She quickly calmed down, but kept a pout on her face. "It'll be good for you to get out of the house and make some new friends." I said in a softer tone.

"But I can't." Camryn frowned. 

"What do you mean?" I asked. 

"I'm gonna be the new kid, so no one will wanna be my friend." 

"That's not true. Just be yourself and everyone will love you." I hummed and wrapped my arm around her.

"What if I really don't like it?" She asked. 

"We'll deal with that when we get there, but you need to give it some time before you judge it." 

"Okay." She sighed and nodded. 

"I'm sorry I hid this from you. I do agree that I should've told you earlier." I said. 

"It's okay." She smiled. "I may have overreacted a little." 

"You think?"  

"Hey." She pouted. 

"I'm just playing." I chuckled. 

"Since it's almost my last day of summer, can we do whatever I want?" She asked with pleading eyes.

"You still have two weeks, Camryn." 

"Hey, you're the one that chose this. Not me." She said. 

"Fine, we'll do whatever you want for two weeks." I said while shaking my head. 

"Yay!" She cheered while I rolled my eyes. How am I related to this child?

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