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Niall's POV

I walked into my room, seeing that Camryn was still fast asleep. She's been sleeping all day, which confirmed to me that she needed to go see the doctor. I walked over to the bed and sat on the edge of it.

"Camryn, wake up." I whispered while shaking her arm softly. She opened her eyes and let out a small cough. 

"Yeah?" She asked while rubbing her eyes. 

"How do you feel?" I asked her. 

"The same." She said, her voice was weak. 

"I think we should go see Dr. Walker." I hummed. I knew she wasn't going to agree with me. She hates going to the doctor. I do too quite frankly. Blood and needles freak me out. 

"I don't wanna go to the doctor. I just wanna sleep." She whined and cuddled back under her blankets. 

"I wouldn't make you go if I didn't think you needed to. The quicker we go, the quicker you'll feel better. You do want to feel better, don't you?" 

"Yeah, but what if they give me a shot?" She whimpered. 

"I highly doubt that they're going to give you a shot." I said. 

"You doubt it, but they still could." She pouted. 

"He's just going to see what's wrong with you." I said. She chose not to respond and pulled her blankets up to her nose. "Come on, let's get going." I hummed.

"No thanks." She said, her voice muffled by her blanket.

"Not an option, kiddo. Don't make me carry you." I said before standing up. 

"Carry me." She hummed and reached up for me. I chuckled and lifted her in my arms, keeping her blanket wrapped around her shoulders. She rested her head on my shoulder while I carried her downstairs.  

"Where are you going?" Harry asked. 

"To the doctor." 

"Gross. Call me if I need to come save you, Cam." Harry said. 

"Okay." Camryn smiled and nodded. 

"Have fun." Louis chuckled. 

"Thanks." I said sarcastically before carrying Camryn out to the car. I quickly got her buckled in the backseat before getting myself situated up front. It didn't take too long to get to the doctor, and once we did I parked the car as close to the front as I could. I got out and lifted Camryn back in my arms before walking in. 

"Hi, we have an appointment to see Dr. Walker." I said to the receptionist. 

 "What's the name?" 

"Camryn Horan." I hummed.  

"Okay, she's checked in. Go ahead and sit in the waiting room straight ahead. It should be about five to ten minutes." She smiled. I nodded and thanked her before taking Camryn to the waiting room.

"How're you feeling?" I asked while rubbing her back. 

"Same as I did last time you asked." She sighed. 

"Sorry." I chuckled. "I just want you to feel better. You're really boring when you're sick, you know that?" 

"I know." She smiled. Finally, a lady in pink scrubs walked into the room with a clipboard. 

"Camryn Horan?" She asked. 

"That's us." I smiled and stood up with Camryn in my arms. 

"Dr. Walker is ready for you." She smiled and led us to his office. Once we got to the room, I sat Camryn down on the examination table. 

"Hello." Dr. Walker smiled while walking in. 

"Hey, thanks for seeing us on such short notice." I smiled. 

"Of course." He hummed and sat down. "So what seems to be the problem here?" 

"This is the second day she's had a fever, and she threw up twice yesterday. I gave her some medicine but it didn't seem to help much." I told him. 

"What's been hurting you, sweetie?" He asked Camryn. 

"My stomach and my head." She pouted. The doctor nodded and jotted down some notes before putting his hands around her neck and feeling around. Camryn immediately stiffened under his touch, staying completely still. 

"It feels like her glands are a bit swollen." Dr. Walker hummed. "I'm gonna take a look at your throat okay? Open real big for me." 

"Okay." Camryn nodded and did as she was told. He took out his tongue depressor before looking into her mouth with it. 

"Her throat is very red and swollen. She most likely has Strep." Dr. Walker said. I looked over at Camryn while the doctor was writing something down on his clipboard; she looked even more miserable after the doctor confirmed what we both figured. 

"That sucks." I sighed. 

"She needs to take two pills of penicillin in the morning and two at night. Keep giving her this until the bottle is completely empty." Dr. Walker said before handing me the medicine. 

"Alright, will do. Thank you for your time." I said while picking Camryn back up.

"My pleasure. Feel better, Camryn." 

"Thanks." Camryn smiled softly before resting her head on my shoulder. I carried her back out to the car and buckled her in the backseat. 

"At least we have some medicine that should actually work." I said, trying to stay positive for her. 

"Yeah." Camryn sighed. "Are we doing anything today?" 

"No, we can stay home and relax all day." I hummed before getting back up front. 

"Can I stay downstairs with you guys. I'm lonely upstairs all by myself." She pouted, which broke my heart. Everything about being sick sucks. If I could snap my fingers and make her better again I would do it in a heart beat.  

"Of course." I smiled. "And since you've been such a trooper, I think we should go get some ice cream. How does that sound?" 

"Really?" She asked excitedly. 

"Yeah, what flavor do you want?" I hummed. 

"Vanilla." She smiled. 

"Alright, vanilla it is." I hummed before driving us to the nearest McDonalds. After we got our ice creams, we finally arrived back at the house a few minutes later. When we walked through the front door the boys greeted us, and immediately noticed our treats. 

"Oh, so you didn't bother getting us any." Louis frowned and crossed his arms over his chest. 

"Sorry, I didn't think to ask you guys." I sighed and rubbed my forehead. "Camryn's got strep, so I was trying to make her throat feel better." 

"It's fine. I mean it's not like I like ice cream anyways." Louis said sarcastically. What a drama queen. 

"I can't believe I'm about to say this, but you can have a bite of mine. Just a bite though." I sighed in defeat. 

"You're the best, Niall." Louis smiled and sprang up from the couch.

"Small bite." I reminded him. 

"Yeah, yeah, I know." Louis said before taking a huge chunk out of my ice cream. 

"Louis! You just ate like half of it!" I yelled at him. I should've known better. Honestly, I blame myself more than I blame him. Louis rolled his eyes and swallowed. 

"Oh it was just a love bite."

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