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Camryn's POV

Today was my last day of school, and I had broken the news about not coming back until next school year to Audrey earlier this week. We were both dreading this day to end, unlike everyone else in the school who was excited for the little break that was starting after today. Since we didn't have any exams like the older kids, we were playing games all day, which did make our last day together more fun. We were able to get our minds off of the sore subject until lunch time rolled around. We were having a class picnic outside, so Audrey and I sat by ourselves under the tree we liked to hang out at during recess. 

"I can't believe this is the last time we'll be eating lunch together." Audrey said sadly. 

"Just until next year though, Audge. I'll only be gone half the year." I said, holding her hand for comfort. 

"It's going to suck here without you." She sighed. 

"I wish I could stay with you, but Niall is all I have here." 

"You could stay with me if you want? My parents love you, they think of you as their own daughter too." Audrey said. 

"I'd love to stay with you, and I love your parents too, but I couldn't be away from Niall and the boys for that long. I wish I could just bring you with me, but you can't be away from your family that long either. It's just a sucky situation, but I promise we'll get through it." I said, trying to convince myself of my own words. 

"I know." Audrey nodded. "My Mum actually got me an iPod so I can FaceTime you off of her phone." 

"Really?" I smiled. 

"Yeah, so you better FaceTime me every night and send me loads of pictures while I'm stuck here in school." She giggled light-heartedly. 

"I will, I promise." I nodded. 

"You're still coming over after school, right?" I asked. 

"Duh." Audrey giggled and nudged my arm. 

"Okay, just making sure." I smiled. 

"It kind of sucks that you have to unpack everything and then pack up again to go on tour." She hummed before taking a bite of her sandwich. 

"We're only packing our clothes and toiletries, not our furniture." I chuckled. 

"Oh, right." Audrey giggled and shook her head. After we ate, we played more games until it was time to go. Niall picked Audrey and I up and thanked my teacher before driving us home. 

"Your house is so pretty!" Audrey smiled and hopped out of the car. 

"Thank you!" I smiled and led her inside. "It's not quite unpacked yet. We still have some little things to do, but we should be done before we leave for tour."

"It already looks great. What's your favorite part about it?" Audrey asked. 

"My room." I said and led her upstairs to it. "We painted it last weekend." I said and opened my door. 

"Wow, it's so pretty!" Audrey gasped. "Is that a chalk board on your wall?" She asked. 

"It's a special paint that works as a chalk board. Wanna draw on it?" I asked. 

"Yeah!" Audrey smiled and grabbed a piece of chalk. She wrote out her name in purple chalk in her neat handwriting. I was always jealous of how naturally artistic she is. 

"I need to get one of these." She said seriously while putting the chalk back in its bin. 

"I have a lot of fun with it." I smiled. 

"I bet!" Audrey said before plopping down on my bed, noticing the picture on my bedside table that Liam got me for my birthday. "That's really sweet that you're so close with all of them." She hummed. 

"Yeah." I smiled. "It's already so hard to imagine what life was like before I came to live here." 

"I can't wait to meet them. All the girls at school will be so jealous." Audrey giggled. 

"Yeah, I can't wait for you to see what their concerts are like. I'm used to seeing it by myself, but with you there for the London show it's going to be so much more fun. You can meet the entire team, they're all really nice." I said excitedly. 

"And then you fly away the next day." Audrey sighed. 

"It'll be a fun last night together." I smiled softly. 

"I know." Audrey smiled. "What're you doing tomorrow? You should come over. I want to see you as much as I can before you leave." 

"Actually Niall and I are flying back to Dublin tomorrow." I said while looking down at my shoes. 

"What for?" Audrey asked. 

"To visit my parents' graves." I said, barely above a whisper. "Tomorrow marks one year since the accident." 

"I'm so sorry, Camryn." Audrey frowned and wrapped her arms around me. 

"It's alright. We're just flying out for the day and then I'll be back the next day." I hummed. I didn't really know how to feel about tomorrow. I was sad about what the day meant, yet I was a little excited to be in our homeland and getting to visit my parents. 

"Hey, how about we use my gift from Louis and make some best friend bracelets?" I asked, trying to change the subject. 

"Yeah!" Audrey smiled excitedly. I pulled it out from my toy basket and picked out my favorite colors. 

"Here, you pick your colors now." I said, handing her the bag. Audrey smiled and quickly picked her three favorite colors out. We both got started on making our bracelets, concentrating hard on making them right. 

"So, what exactly caused the accident?" Audrey asked. "If you don't mind me asking."

"I don't mind at all." I hummed. "My parents had just dropped me off at school, and they were on their way back home when someone ran a red light and hit them." I explained softly. 

"That's awful." Audrey frowned. "Did you ever find out who did it?"

"No, and I don't want to. Niall said he's locked up now, but that doesn't make me feel any better." I sighed. 

"I know." Audrey hummed sympathetically. Although it wasn't fun reliving the memories, I was glad Audrey now everything. The more we opened up to each other the closer we became. 

"All done." I smiled and looked at my finished product. 

"Me too!" Audrey smiled. 

"Wanna trade?" I asked. 

"Yeah!" Audrey smiled and traded me her bracelet. 

"That way every time we miss each other we have these to remind us that we'll always be best friends, no matter how far apart we are." I smiled.  

"Promise?" Audrey smiled and held out her pinky to me. 

"Promise." I smiled and wrapped my pinky around hers. 

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