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Niall's POV

I was constantly checking my phone since the minute I left Camryn at school. It was weird not having her around, and I was looking forward to picking her up. Harry's right though, she does need to be in school while we're not traveling. I just hope she's doing okay. After the millionth time I checked my phone, I noticed it was finally time to go get her.

"Boys, I'm going to get Cam! Be back in a bit!" I called to them before grabbing my keys and racing out the door. My mind was racing the entire drive to Camryn's school. Did she make any friends? Were the other kids treating her nicely? Is the teacher treating her nicely? Did she eat enough lunch? Did she get hurt at recess? I couldn't help but worry about my baby sister. After being inseparable for almost a year now, it's scary for me to think I can't protect at school. So many things could go wrong and it would be my fault because I sent her to school. Jesus, I sound like my mother. I practically jumped out of the car when I parked in front of the school and made my way inside quickly. I walked the familiar route to Camryn's classroom and smiled when she was laughing with another girl. I decided to stand in the doorway and watch them for a bit. It was a relieving sight. I heard a few gasps coming from other girls in the room, which made all heads turn towards me. 

"Niall!" Camryn smiled and ran over to me, wrapping her arms around my waist. 

"Hey, kiddo, how was your day?" I asked while hugging her back. 

"Good." She smiled before turning back towards her friend. "Bye, Audrey! See you tomorrow!" She waved. I smiled and waved to the teacher before leading Camryn out of the school.

"I wanna hear everything you did today." I said while helping her in the backseat of the car. 

"I made friend!" Camryn beamed.

"Yeah? Was that the girl you were saying bye to I'm guessing?" I smiled while starting to drive us back home. 

"Yeah! She's the coolest girl ever, and she's really nice and funny." She said. 

"Well that's really good to hear, Cam." I smiled. "Did everything else go okay? How was lunch?" I asked. 

"It was really good." She nodded. 

"Did you eat enough?" I asked.


"Did you do any work today?" 


"Did you have fun at recess?"


"Any boys I need to scare off?" 

"Yup- I mean no!" Camryn said, immediately blushing. 

"Camryn, already? It's the first day!" I said. 

"I don't like any boys! You tricked me!" She giggled and shook her head. 

"Okay, if you say so." I chuckled. "Do you have any homework?" I asked. 

"No."She yawned.

"Well that's good." I hummed. "You look like you need a nap."

"I'm fine." She said while rubbing her eyes.

"Okay." I said and turned some music on softly. I looked back at her at a red light and saw that she was already knocked out from exhaustion. It took her two minutes to pass out, that must've been a record or something. I pulled up to the house shortly after and turned off the car. 

"Cam, we're home." I hummed and shook her lightly. 

"Mm." She whined and rubbed her eyes. I got out of the car and lifted her in my arms before grabbing her backpack and carrying her in the house. 

"We're back!" I said while setting Camryn down. 

"How was your first day, Cam?" Harry smiled and hugged her. 

"Good." She said groggily, as she was still waking up from her nap.

"We missed you here. I think Niall almost had a nervous breakdown after the first five minutes." Louis teased. 

"Did not." I scoffed. 

"I missed you guys too." She giggled. 

"Cam made a friend already, boys." I told them. 

"Did you now? That's great, kiddo." Louis smiled.

"Well of course she did." Liam said. "How could the sweetest kid in the world not make a friend on her first day?" He smiled. 

"Yeah, I didn't doubt that for a minute." Zayn nodded. 

"I hope this friend isn't a boy." Harry said, giving Camryn a parental look. 

"No." She groaned, covering her face with her hands.

"I think we're gonna have to keep a very close eye on that." I hummed while crossing my arms over my chest.

"I have a ton of homework to do, so I better get on that." She said before darting towards the stairs. 

"You told me you didn't have homework!" I chuckled. 

"What? I couldn't hear you!" Camryn said while running up the staircase. I'm not stupid, I know she heard me. I had a feeling she was hiding something from me about a boy by all of the lengths she's already gone through to avoid the topic of discussion. I'll get to the bottom of it don't you worry. 

"Do you really think she likes someone already?" Harry asked quietly. 

"I don't know, maybe it's just my imagination, but she's acting a little jumpy every time we bring it up. Maybe she's just excited to be around kids her age again, but low-key I'm gonna keep my eye on it. She'd kill me for saying this, so keep it between us." I said. 

"Got it." Harry nodded. "You know as she gets older it's only gonna get harder." 

"Don't remind me." I groaned. 

"These are the easy days, mate, so buckle up." He smiled and patted my arm before walking away. Cool, thanks Harry. Really nice thing to think about. Jesus, this is going to be rough.

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