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Louis' POV

"Call me if you guys need anything, okay?" Niall said while grabbing his keys. 

"You're only leaving for an hour. We'll be fine." I said. Niall, Liam, and Zayn wanted to go shopping for some new stuff, but Harry and I weren't feeling it today, so we offered to stay home with Cam. 

"Be good for the boys." Niall told Camryn before kissing her forehead. 

"She always is." Harry smiled. 

"See you guys soon." Liam said before opening the door.

"See ya." I waved and watched them make their way out of the house.  "Now that we got rid of them, what do you wanna do?" I asked Camryn while shutting the door. 

"Let's do makeovers!" She said excitedly. Harry and I exchanged glances. 

"Let's not." Harry said. 

"Why not?" She pouted. 

"Because we're not test dummies. Besides, you probably don't even have my color." I said. 

"But it's my last two weeks of summer and then I'll be shipped off to school." She said dramatically.

"You're not being shipped off. You're literally going to school from eight in the morning till three in the afternoon for five days a week." I chuckled and shook my head. 

"That's a long time!" She argued.  

"That's exactly what you did before." Harry said. 

"Whatever, it's still my last two weeks, and I want to have fun."

"We will do anything you want besides makeovers." I said. 

"I wanna do makeovers." She argued. 




"Please." Camryn pouted and folded her hands together. We both looked at each other once again before looking back down at Camryn who was now giving us her adorable puppy eyes. 

"Cam." I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. "Alright, fine."

"Yes!" She cheered excitedly. 

"You better not tell anyone about this, got it?" Harry said, pointing a finger in her direction. 

"I'll go get the makeup!" She said racing up the stairs. 

"Whoever gave her that makeup is gonna pay." Harry said while we took a seat on the living room floor. 

"They should be the ones getting a makeover." I sighed. I love Camryn, but she really needs some girl friends in her life. In a matter of seconds she was already back down the stairs with a giant bag of makeup. Even though I was dreading this, the smile she had on her face while sitting down in front of us was priceless. 

"Okay, Louis. You're first." She said while rummaging through her makeup bag. Harry pointed at me and laughed his stupid laugh. Jerk. 

"Why do I have to go first?" I whined. 

"Because I said so. Don't complain. You're going to look so pretty after I'm done with you." She said. 

"So you're saying I'm not pretty without makeup?" I said while crossing my arms over my chest. 

"No, I mean I'm going to make you prettier." She giggled. 

"She's lying, Louis. She thinks you're ugly." Harry teased. 

"If you don't take that back you're going first." She warned Harry. 

"Sorry, your majesty. I take it back." Harry said before shutting up. 

"Alright, Louis. Close your eyes." She said.

"Just don't hurt me, please." I pleased while doing as she told me. I soon felt something brushing against my eye lids, and flinched slightly.

"Quit moving." She said.

"What exactly are you putting on me?" I asked her. 

"Eye shadow." 

"What color?" I asked skeptically. 

"Blue." She hummed while keeping her focus on her work. "It really brings out your eye color."

"Can't argue with that." I agreed. 

"Okay, open." She instructed. I slowly opened my eyes while Camryn admired her work. 

"Can I see how I look?" I asked. 

"Not until I'm all the way done." She said. "Your turn, Harry. Close your eyes." She said while taking out neon pink eye shadow. I watched as she covered every inch of skin between his eyebrows to his eyelashes in pink. This helped me get a clue of how mine probably looked. 

"Okay, you can open your eyes." She said. Harry opened his eyes and looked at me. 

"You look beautiful, mate." I chuckled and patted his back. I couldn't help but laugh at him. 

"Don't." He said while shaking his head at me. 

"Okay, Louis. Make sure you don't open your mouth when I'm putting this on you." She told me. I frowned curiously and looked to see what she was getting out of her bag. 

"Lipstick?" I whined when she popped the top off, revealing a bright red lipstick. "I don't wanna wear that."

"Close your mouth." She demanded. 


"One." She counted. Did she seriously just start counting at me like a toddler. I could've sworn we were supposed to be in charge of her, not the other way around. Regardless, I closed my mouth before she started painting my lips bright red. 

"Okay, all done." She smiled. Harry immediately burst into laughter, which made me send eye daggers his way. 

"I wouldn't be laughing yet, Harold. You're next." I reminded him. 

"Okay, Harry. Close your lips." Camryn told him. 

"Pucker up, baby." I smirked. I watched very amused while Camryn turned Harry's face into a mess. 

"Now you're both done! Look how beautiful you guys look!" She said before handing me and Harry little hand mirrors. We finally looked at our faces in the mirrors, just staring in silence for a couple minutes. In that moment I think we both realized that Camryn probably isn't going to be a makeup artist in the near future. 

"So what do you think?" Camryn asked us. 

"I look hot!" I said. Hey, I was just trying to make Camryn feel good. Don't judge me. 

"Yeah, I definitely think pink and red are my colors." Harry nodded. Out of nowhere the front door flung open, scaring the bejesus out of the three of us. Niall, Liam, and Zayn all rushed through the door unexpectedly. 

"I can't believe we drove all the way to the mall and you forgot your wallet." Zayn told Niall. 

"I'm sorry I just-" Niall stopped mid sentence after he looked at me and Harry. 

"What happened to you two?" Liam asked on the verge of laughter. 

"Camryn wanted to do makeovers..." Harry explained. After a second of silence, the boys busted out laughing.  

"Very funny..." I frowned embarrassedly. 

"Don't they look beautiful?" Camryn asked the boys seriously. 

"You guys look adorable." Zayn smiled mockingly. 

"Bring it in for a picture." Niall said taking out his phone. Camryn wrapped her arms around me and Harry's shoulders and pulled us close before smiling for the picture. Harry and I glared into the camera until we heard it click. 

"Aw, that's a great shot." Niall chuckled. What a giant git. 

"See? I told you guys you were gonna look pretty!" Camryn gushed. The things I do to entertain this child. 

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