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Louis' POV

"How was your nap, Sleeping Beauty?" Harry asked Camryn. 

"Good." She replied rubbing her eyes. 

"Where are we now?" Camryn asked. 

"New York." I said while helping her slip on her Justin Bieber backpack. She keeps all of her books and toys in it for plane rides. 

"You ready?" I asked her. She nodded and took my hand as we walked out of the plane. As soon as we made our way to the main entrance, we were greeted by hundreds of fans. I picked up Camryn, because Niall was holding his guitar. The girls were begging for pictures and autographs, so we decided to stop for a little bit. There were two security guards next to each of us. Paul and Andy were with me since I had Camryn. 

"Louis I love you so much!" A fan said to me. 

"Thank you." I smiled. "Love you too."

"Can I get a picture with you?" She asked. 

"Sure." I replied. Paul offered to take the picture, so she handed her camera to him. 

"Can Camryn be in the picture too?" The fan begged. 

"Absolutely." I smiled. 

"You want me in the picture?" Camryn asked, taken aback by the request. 

"Oh my gosh, yeah!" The fan chuckled as if it were obvious. Camryn was trying to hold back her smile, but I could see it creeping on her face. It made me happy that she felt so loved. 

"Alright, everyone look up here. 1, 2, 3." Paul said before snapping the picture. 

"Thank you so much!" The fan squealed. 

"I can't believe she wanted me in the picture." Camryn told me. 

"You're famous Camryn!" I said, which made her giggle and beam with excitement. I started signing autographs for the fans after we took a couple more pictures. "Sorry if it looks sloppy, it's hard to write with one hand." I kept telling the girls. 

"Alright last one right here." Paul announced pointing to a fan. 

"You okay?" Niall asked Camryn as we made our way over to him. 

"Yeah." She nodded. The fans stepped back so we could get through and took pictures as we were leaving. We hopped in the van, and Paul drove us to the hotel. 

"Look! It's the Statue of Liberty!" Liam shouted while pointing out the window. We gazed our eyes upon the amazing sight. 

"It's massive!" Zayn said. 

"I wish we could go in it." Niall added. 

"Sorry boys, but we don't have time to do something like that." Paul said. 

"Why not?" Harry pouted. 

"We would be up all night, and you boys have to be on the Today Show really early tomorrow morning." Paul reminded us as we finally arrived at the hotel. Once we got out of the car I picked up Camryn, who had fallen asleep in my lap, and grabbed her backpack off the seat.  We walked into the suite, and picked out our rooms. I laid Camryn down in her bed and tucked her in. Even though it was not quite bed time, I could tell she was exhausted. The traveling and time changes were clearly starting to wear her out. I walked into the living room with the boys and sat on the couch next to Harry. 

"I'm starving, what are we gonna do for dinner?" Niall asked. He's literally always thinking about food. Always.  

"Let's order room service." Zayn said. I picked up the hotel room phone and dialed the number for room service after everyone looked at the menu. 

"Hello, yes can we have three large cheese pizzas? You can actually charge it to room 625. Okay thank you." I said before hanging up the phone. 

"Louis, that's not our room number. We're 624." Liam stated. 

"I know." I grinned mischievously. 

"Whose room was that?" Niall asked confused. 

"Paul's." I giggled like a child. The boys and I busted out laughing and clutched our stomaches. 

"He's going to kill us when he finds out." Harry said once we caught our breath. 

"Oh who cares? It's five against one. We can take him." I chuckled. 

"Not exactly. Paul counts as like three people put together, and he's probably going to bring Andy who also counts as three people. So really it's six against five, and we are so gonna lose." Zayn said making us laugh again. Someone knocked at the door, and I spring up off the couch to get it. I looked through the peep hole before opening the door. 

"Food's here!" I shouted and picked up the pizza boxes. I quickly shut the door and set the food on the table, ready to dig in. Right before I was about to take a piece of pizza there was another knock at the door.

"I got it." I sighed and jogged back over to the door. I opened it and saw Paul standing in the doorway. Once the boys saw who was at the door, I could hear them in the giggling quietly in the back. "Yes?" I asked trying not to look suspicious. 

"Just checking on you guys. Make sure lights are out in an hour or two, okay?" Paul said. 

"You got it." I nodded. 

"Good night, boys." Paul said before taking a right down the hallway. 

"Hey, where are you going? 624 is that way." I said pointing to the opposite side. 

"I'm in room 626." Paul said confused. My eyes got big.

"Oh no."

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