Chapter Forty Seven

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Clarke POV

Walking down these familiar steps to the dungeon makes my stomach churn. The last time we were here was to see Titus. Now Titus is dead. Bile rises up in my throat and I stumble down the stairs. Lexa, who is behind me, notices and grabs my hand, squeezing it for support. I am prompted by this to stop, turn around and look her in the eyes. She softens immediately.

"We do not have to do this if you don't want to." she says quietly so that if anyone can hear us, they won't think that I am weak.

"Thank you niron (loved one). I want to see her but perhaps if you went in first. Would that be okay with you?" I reply sheepishly, looking down at the floor to hide my embarrassment.

Lexa seems to understand and she let's go of my hand. She raises it up to cup my cheek and bring my face up so that I am looking into her eyes. Then she nods and continues to walk down the stairs. Alone.

From where I am standing, I can hear Lexa talking to Abby but I cannot be seen but either of them.

Lexa starts formally by saying "Abby Griffin kom Skaikru, you have committed a crime against Clarke Griffin kom Skaikru. Skaikru is a member of my Congeda (coalition) and therefore a crime against a member of the coalition is a crime against the whole coalition."

"Skaikru isn't a clan. We regected the mark and the coalition." Abby spits

Lexa stays calm. She waits a beat and then continues. "Clarke is not only a member of Skarkru but also the ambassador for Skaikru and under my direct protection. Protection from the Heda is sacred and an act against her is an act against me. That is classed as second degree treason."

"Clarke isn't under your protection because she's an ambassador. She's under your protection because you've turned her into a fag just like you. You savages disgust me. "

Lexa ignores all comments made and continues on with her speech. "The punishment for second degree treason is decided by your clan but it is often ridiculed by the other clans if you are not sentenced to death."

"The people of Arkadia won't kill me. I'm their only doctor" she states smugly.

Before I know what's happening, I am barging down the final few steps, furious at her ridiculous lies. She thinks she is unkillable just because she is a doctor.

As soon as Abby is in my view I am taken back by the state she is in. She is bleeding around her wrists from where she has been trying to escape. There is blood around her mouth and it takes me a while to realise when it has come from. She has been ripping parts of her flesh off in order to make them skinnier to fit through the restraints. The murderous glare in her eyes tells me that she has gone insane.

"Clarke" Lexa says, shocked. She steps inbetween me and Abby in a desperate attempt to stop me from seeing her but it's too late. I will never be able to unsee her now.

"S-she's lying. Jackson is also a doctor at Skaikru" I manage to stammer out. The fact seems like useless information now.

"Wrong!" Abby interrupts my thoughts. Lexa steps aside and takes my hand but I pull away. I do not want any more reason for Abby to ridicule Lexa or her sexuality.

I walk slowly up to the door of the cell. "What did you do to Jackson" I say, trying to keep my voice as calm as possible.

"You join or you die Clarke." she spits at me, being sure to over pronounce the C in Clarke.

Realisation suddenly dawns on me. "Are you in pain Abby?" I ask. Anybody would be in pain with the inguries she has inflicted on herself.

"There is no pain in the city of light" she retorts

I knew it. I need to go to Arkadia and find Jaha. Now.

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