Chapter Ten

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Clarke POV

After my worries coming into the tower, Lexa certainly reassured me. While we were lying in bed she was combing my hair with her fingers and kept reminding me that now we are together officially, everything that is hers is mine. She sure is taking this relationship seriously. But I love it, I wouldn't want it any other way.

Lexa decides it's time to go and pick up my new armour. She seems very fidgety on our way there. She is full of excited but also some nervous energy from what I can tell. I'm excited too, I can't wait to see the altercation she has made.

When we reach the shop Lexa tells me to wait outside while she goes in to collect it. When she comes out to get me so that I can try it on, she had obvious tears in her eyes. I stop her before we go in.
"Lexa, are you okay? You look upset." I say quietly enough for only the two of us to hear, just incase anyone is listening, I know how Lexa is with her people thinking she is weak.

"I am not upset Clarke I am happy. I just can't believe I managed to have you as my girlfriend, you are the most beautiful and thoughtful person I have ever laid eyes on. I never thought I was going to love again after Costia but you came along and I feel more for you than I ever have anyone. I hope you like your armour." she replies, her eyes welling up more as she does.

I pull her to me and hug her.
"Ai hod Yu in, Lexa"
She sinks into the hug, all of her emotions pouring into it. After a while she pulls away and wipes her eyes.

"Thank you Clarke, that means more than you know. Now let's go and try on your armour."

We make our way into the shop and sitting out for me is my armour exactly the way I drew it. Its perfect, but where is Lexa's super secret alteration?

I look over to her quizzically and she just winks with a smirk. I chuckle at that and go and try on my armour.

It fits perfectly and looks just how I imagined. I walk out to show Lexa and her jaw drops as soon as I step out.

"You look incredible Clarke, but there is one thing missing" she says after she has gotten over her initial shock. She then pulls out something I don't quite recognise. It is made of a little bit of metal half way through and the rest is grey fabric. My eyes widen and my jaw drops when I realise what it is. It is a shoulder piece with a sash attached just like the red one Lexa wears.

"But Lexa I can't wear a sash,that is reserved for the commander" I say softly.

"Yes Clarke you are right, a sash is reserved for the commander but you are my partner and I am passing that right onto you too. It cannot be red but I thought the grey would suit you. This way everyone will know that you are the most important thing in the world to the Commander. You do not have to wear it if you do not want to or like it" Lexa says.

"No. I love it. Thank you Lexa." I put on the sash and Lexa gasps when she sees me. I smirk and give her a quick kiss.

We make our way back to the tower and Lexa says "When we get back you will find a selection of brand new swords and daggers for you to choose from to go with your new armour."

I thank her and give her quick kiss for good measure. She is so good to me. God I love her. There is only one thing playing on my mind.

"Lexa? Why was it so important that we got some armour made so soon. We aren't planning on going to battle are we?" I ask sheepishly.

"No ai hodnes (my love) we are not. I wanted to get some armour made for you because.." she hesitates, obviously worried about what she is about to say. I put my hand out and she willingly accepts it. She is obviously more relaxed by this. After a while she finally manages to find the right words.

"I want you to come and see Titus with me"

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