Chapter Twenty Six

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Clarke POV

When I wake up I have a thumping pain in my head. I do not want to open my eyes. There is a sharp pain in my side. I try to move to get into a more comfortable position but I am stopped by something, probably some chains, as well as the pain stabbing into my side and up my back. I whimper quietly at the pain and finally open my eyes. I am in a dark room, lit only by a faint flickering light on the ceiling. There is nothing else in this tin can, other than me and these chains. There are chains holding my arms to the walls and holding my feet to my arms. I am trying to discover where the pain in my side is coming from when the door opens.

My mother is standing in the doorway, trying very hard to act like a doctor and not like my mother. She checks me over and frowns when I whimper in pain as she touches my left side. She lifts my shirt to reveal a large bruise surround a cut in my side that looks as though it is infected. It will continue to get worse if it is not cleaned up and treated right away but I will not die. My mother gives me a sombre look. "You are a prisoner in the highest level of security we have. I cannot treat you for any inguries unless they are life threatening."

She stands up to leave and I reach out, ignoring the shooting pain coming from my wound and grab her arm before she is too far away. She turns to me with tears in her eyes. I can see that she is conflicted as to whether she should talk to me or not. She finally gives in and says "What did they mean when they called you Heda. Is Lexa dead? If so, how did that make you the Commander?"

"Lexa is alive and still the commander. As a part of grounder culture Lincoln had to show his respect to me as his second commander or Seken heda as they say. This proves his alligence to Lexa. He only called me Heda because when Lexa is not here or with me, I have the same status at title as her."

I think I lost her because she is staring at me blankly. " What do you not understand?" I question.

"Did something happen to the old second commander? Why did Lexa pick you to be their replacement? You are Skaikru" she seems rather confused with the whole situation.

"There was no second commander before me, I did not take over from anyone and Lexa did not choose me to be the second commander. I automatically gained that title. Also she does not care that I am Skaikru" she still looks confused.

"Mum. Lexa and I are together." The confusion from my mother's face turns to pure disgust. She stands and slaps me hard across the face.

"You and Lexa are nothing of the sort. She has brainwashed you into thinking that their ways, their primative ways, are okay. You are not interested in women Clarke. You think you are because you like the idea of having that sort of power. No daughter of mine will be gay."

I cannot believe what I am hearing and I cannot even formulate a response. I bite back tears and put on the mask I have been working on so that you cannot see what I am feeling.

"I guess you just lost your daughter then. Wanheda's mother died when she floated her father on the Ark." I use the most passive aggressive tone I can muster, I do not need anger, I am trying to hurt her with my words not my force. I definitely works and I can see that her eyes are watering. She turns on her heals and walks out of the cell slamming the door as she leaves.

I am left alone, in the dark, with ringing in my ears. I do not think anybody will be coming to see me anytime soon. I need to get out of here. Soon.

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