Chapter Thirty Nine

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Clarke POV

"Clarke" Lexa whispers as she stumbles towards me. I am still lying in the ground when she arrives and it is clear that she want to lift my up hug me tightly but she hesitates, clearly not wanting to hurt me. I can see that she is struggling to hold back her emotions and I think that if we were to embrace here, in front of everyone, she would lose it. I know the last thing Lexa wants is to look weak in front of her people. I am not sure how I ended up on the ground but by the looks on the faces of people in the crowd, Lexa has already shown some emotions and people are weary or sympathetic for her. I decide that it will be best to talk to Lexa once we are inside the tower so I extend my arm up for her to help me up and immediately wince from the pain of trying to move. Lexa's face drops further when she realises that I will not be able to walk.

We are in practical silence while we think of something to do. Suddenly there is a large man standing over me and I am too weak to fight him off. I freak out, kicking and screaming for help with all the energy I can muster whilst ignoring the sharp pains in all of my limbs. Thankfully he recedes when Lexa tells him to and she crouches down beside my head, striking my hair to calm me. I calm quickly and soon only silent tears are falling down my cheaks.

"Do not worry niron (loved one). I will carry you to the tower." Lexa whispers to me before lifting me gently and making sure I am secure and not in any pain.

I lean my head up against Lexa's chest and listen to her heart beat to calm myself further while we make our way to the tower. Lexa does not put me down until we are in our bedroom. The familiar smell of burning candles fills the air and, although I often make fun of Lexa for her obsessive collection of candles, the smell now makes me feel safe. She lays me on the couch and then lifts my head and sits down so that my head is resting on her laps. She runs her hands through my hair and we sit in relative silence until Lexa pipes up and says something.

"I need to go and meet the others in the throne room but I will be right back okay?" she says

"The others?" I ask, slightly confused by who she is talking about.

"Yes. Octavia, Raven, Murphy and Lincoln are all here. Along with Bellamy, who we left at camp, they helped me to rescue you. They will be happy to know that you are awake and talking but I will tell them that you need to rest" she says. That makes sense. I was unsure how Lexa would have been able to make it through Arkadia alone and go unnoticed.

"I would like to see the others too but I do not think I will be able to make it to the throne room. I don't even think I can sit up. Perhaps we could move to one of the guest bedrooms downstairs and we can congregate there?" I say

"Don't be silly" Lexa chuckles her way through the sentance "They are more then welcome to come into my room. Our room. So long as it is okay with you that they see where you sleep"

"I haven't slept there in a long while" I say sadly and look down to the floor. Lexa brings my face up so that I am looking her in the eyes. I can see tears welling in them. I hate to think of Lexa being sad and so I lean up and kiss her. Passionately. It isn't long before I wince with incredible pain and practically scream. Lexa gives me a worried look and practically holds me to the bed when I try to lean up and kiss her again. I pout because I want to kiss her and she pouts back. She shuffles underneath me until she is no longer under me but lying beside me. She then kisses me from a position where I don't have to move. Our kiss quickly deepens and it is clear what Lexa wants. I pull back, tears in my eyes put of embarrassment and say "We can't. I'm sorry. Not after what Pike did" I almost gag at the memory and she sits up very straight, looks me in the eye with a look that could almost be anger and says "What do you mean 'after what Pike did'? "

I thought she said Octavia told her everything.

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