Chapter Nine

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Lexa POV

As I am braiding Clarke's hair my mind keeps flipping over the surprise I have in store. Perhaps I am moving too fast, she only officially became my girlfriend this morning. I only thought about this surprise on night last week while Clarke was asleep because Octavia kept talking about how Clarke and I are 'totally meant to be, like full on solemates' in her words. I got over confident and had a message sent to the best armour makers shop in Polis. I hope Clarke appreciates the gesture and does not think I am moving her too fast or pushing her into anything.

I am broken out of my thoughts by Clarke. "Lexa? Lexa honey. Are you okay? You finished braiding my hair 10 minutes ago and you haven't moved a muscle."

"Oh yes I am fine. Was just off in a daze" I reply. This reply is not enough to satisfy Clarke though as she is still looking at me with worry filling her eyes.

"Clarke. Trust me I'm alright. I was just to intently thinking about something. I'll explain more later. Let's go and get you some armour. It'll take most of the day" Clarke seems slightly more content with this but not entirely satisfied.

"Most of the day? I thought you said I wouldn't have to stand for long." Clarke whines.

"You won't." I reply "You will have to stand to get your measurements taken but then most of the time is taken up by designing and making the armour. You will be able to sit during this. We can leave while it gets made or we can stay and watch him work. It should only take him a couple of hours to make it because I am the commander so get priority. I may not agree with it but I bear it"

Clarke nods in understanding.

We head off slowly toward the marketplace. I look over at Clarke often, making sure she is doing okay and reassuring her that we can stop when ever if she needs. She is persistent though and we make it to the armour makers stall with only one stop on the way.

Once we are inside work on the design of Clarke's armour commences. I let her take the lead, her artistic brain thinks about lines and figure as well as protection and maneuverability. I only offer my suggestions when it comes to things such as dagger holsters and sword placement. It takes her well over an hour before she is satisfied. Knowing Clarke it will be the perfect design and she knows it.

"I think it is perfect Clarke I just want to make one altercation." I say after staring at the plan for a few moments.

"What is it?" Clarke questions.

Instead of answering Clarke's question I wink and whisper to the armour maker what I want to add. He smiles and frantically starts scribbling it into his plan. He shows me the revised plan once her is done. I give him a short nod and he gets to work straight away.

I turn to Clarke and she is looking rather worn out. "Come beautiful you look exhausted. We will come and pick up your armour later today."

Clarke narrows her eyes and stares at me for a while "What are you planning Heda?"

We walk out of the shop and head back to the tower. "Clarke, please do not call me Heda or Commander, you are my girlfriend not my subject, not even the most religious people in all of the 12 clans do not expect my partner to call my Heda." Clarke nods her head in understanding.

As we approach the elevator of the tower Clarke begins to look worried and gets rather skittish

"Is everything alright?" I ask putting my hand out for her to hold if she wishes. She takes it and visibly relaxes at this.

"I am fine. It's just... Are we going to my room or yours? Cause I know I've been-" I cut her off with a kiss.

"Are they not the same place? What's mine is yours" Clarke smiles at my response and kisses me back.

We might be going to pick up her armour later than expected

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