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Grounder Pounder (under editing) by moonchildd1ld0
Grounder Pounder (under editing)by Fatc00ch__
A linctavia fanfiction only in Lincoln and Octavia's POVs with my own twists. Octavia becomes a grounder and will her fate be grounder or something else. -Starts off bad...
Passion Untold: A Linctavia FanFic by XANTHIEPIERS15
Passion Untold: A Linctavia FanFicby Xanthie Piers
This is just some fluff about my OTP Linctavia!
Troublesome ~ Bellamy Blake [1] by This_CraZy_World
Troublesome ~ Bellamy Blake [1]by Kayls
CURRENTLY EDITING What is they say about curiosity? It killed the cat? Well, in this case, curiosity almost kills the Carter. Several times. Carter Conners was a magnet...
I Couldn't Stop Caring by _TheFreak_
I Couldn't Stop Caringby _TheFreak_
"I couldn't stop" Lexa whispered softly "Stop what?" "I couldn't stop caring" -- Book 1 of the 'I couldn't stop caring' series. This takes...
Another Love | Clexa (Completed)  by thestarryeyedreader
Another Love | Clexa (Completed) by Charlie
Clarke is getting married to Lexa, who is in love with Costia. Sometimes it takes a lot more than love, to make love work. Clarke Griffin, daughter of the Arkadian Chanc...
bellamy blake imagines by babybells100
bellamy blake imaginesby babybells100
give me back s1-s4 bellamy or give me dEATH all ideas and imagines in this book are completely mine! please do not repost unless you contact me for permission.
Warpaint | Clexa (Completed)  by thestarryeyedreader
Warpaint | Clexa (Completed) by Charlie
Grounders and Arkadians are warring clans living in the same vicinity. What happens when Clarke, a young prisoner is sent to Trigeda to kill the rival Commander, and en...
Reasons To Ship by AlysiaOlivas
Reasons To Shipby Alysia Olivas
Reasons why you should ship a couple #1 Bemmett #1 Brulian
She is - bellarke fanfic by mybellarkeAus
She is - bellarke fanficby Bia and Inês
"It's you - he said still hugging her - I always knew that - he puts his hands on her face, looks right into her deep blue eyes full of tears, and smiles knowing sh...
That's why I.. by sexxxylexxxy
That's why sexxxylexxxy
What should have happened instead on 307.. Clarke and Lexa live in polis as a couple and fight with the 13 clans, working through every problem that is thrown their way.
You're The One by HedaPrisa
You're The Oneby The Commander and the Princess
(Book 2 of That's Why I Love You) Clarke and Lexa have been separated for a month, at least until Lexa gets an urgent message from Clarke....
Nightblood by sexxxylexxxy
Nightbloodby sexxxylexxxy
Everyone on the Ark knows about the girl with the weird blood. Her mother is a doctor and even she can't work it out. She is arrested and sent to the ground as part of t...
Somethings Change by astroslushx
Somethings Changeby astro
**Second Book To Everything's Changed** Five Years after Clarke and Lexa graduated from Arcadia Girls Boarding School. Lexa is now an actress on Fear The Walking Dead, A...
Behind The Lens• Clexa AU by BeneditM
Behind The Lens• Clexa AUby Benwenthome
Lexa is a writer. she's been in the TV industry for years and has gained a bit of a following. Clarke is an actress known for obnoxious action roles until she decides...
The 100: Genetic Mutation  by elizabethokoye034
The 100: Genetic Mutation by I.M.WRITE
Book 1 "On our final journey to the ground" That's what they said, but Luisa Kane didn't believe that when they were sent to the ground to see if it was surviv...
Couldn't Stop Caring || Bellarke || Completed by coco1522ox
Couldn't Stop Caring || Bellarke | coco1522ox
A Bellarke/100 Clarke and Bellamy. Bellamy and Clarke. Alone they were strong minded, brave, determined people. Together, they destroyed each other. Their relationship...
I Ship It by multikru25
I Ship Itby a.e 🩶
Another group chat au cause I love them. Fandom crossover cause I have to many favorite characters.
Stepbrother - Bellarke fanfic by ari_writes02
Stepbrother - Bellarke fanficby Arilovestoread
BOOK COMPLETED Clarke Griffin is forced to live with three new people in her house. She loves her step sister, Octavia but her older brother Bellamy, not so much. They...
I Just Want To Help You  by user839726
I Just Want To Help You by A_kum_clexakru
This is a Clexa story with a little seamechanic and linctavia. Clarke is a recovering drug addict with a troubled past working at KB's a fast food place. Lexa is a cop t...
atlas ↠ b.blake by skyelines
atlas ↠ b.blakeby Grace
❝ everyone from my time is dead. i don't belong here; i don't belong anywhere. ❞ Ninety-seven years ago, the earth became soaked in radiation, leaving few survivors. Som...