Chapter Twelve

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Lexa POV

The next few days roll by quickly. Clarke has been recovering well and is almost back to her usual self now. It has become common knowledge in all of the clans that Clarke is my girlfriend, all the clans except Skaikru of course because they are still inside the blockade. I make a mental note that I should talk to Clarke and Octavia about the three of us paying Skaikru a visit to see how close they are to taking out their leader, although perhaps that may not be a good idea, they did regect the brand of the coalition.

The people are accepting of my relationship with Clarke and many are happy to see that their Heda has been able to move past what happened to Costia and find love again. I am worried that Queen Nia of Azgeda, the Queen that tortured and murdered my first love now knows about Clarke but I know Clarke is strong and we will fight together to keep her safe with me.

The day has come that we are to go and see Titus. From what I have been told by my guards he is almost finished his training with a young girl named Gia. I have reason to believe that she is Indra's daughter. If Gia is anything like her mother she will be an excellent fleimkepa, she is already learning very fast.

Clarke was up almost all night pacing, no matter what I did or said I could not convince her to come to bed. She is clearly very worried about what is going to happen today. To be truthful I am too but I am glad I will have Clarke there by my side. I wake to the distinct lack of footsteps pacing the room. I sit up straight away with a sharp intake of breath worried that something may have happened to Clarke in the night but I am instead met with a nice surprise. My beautiful girlfriend is in her armour, standing directly in front of me with that cute lopsided smirk I love so much on her face. She has laid out my armour on the bed next to me and has a tray with breakfast on it in her arms. God I love her.

I stand up and Clarke's breath falters. I forgot that I slept completely naked last night in one of my many attempts to get Clarke to come to bed. I decide that I am going to take this opportunity to tease my lovely girlfriend. I saunter up to her and place a fleating kiss on her lips, well aware that she still has a tray of food in her hands. She leans in to kiss me more passionately but I pull back with a smirk. Instead I place my hand on her waist and circle my way around her body, making sure to undo pieces of her armour as I go. When I am back in front of Clarke there is a dark look in her eyes and I know exactly what she is thinking. I return the look and take the tray of food from her, slowly enticing her to follow me back towards the bed and as we reach it Clarke looks like she is ready to pounce on me but I just sit down, look her in the eyes and say "Thanks for breakfast, Ai hodnes (my love) looks delicious" with a lick of my lips. Clarke is practically drooling right before my eyes. I just give her a wink and continue to eat my food.

She knows that she will be able to have her way with me tonight. For now we just have to make sure that everything with Titus goes off without a hitch.

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