Chapter Twenty Eight

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Clarke POV

Over the next 5 days Pike comes to my cell everyday. My entire body is raw now and I do not think I can take much more of this.

It is at that moment that I hear footsteps. All to familiar footsteps outside the door. Pike. He opens the door all the way and I try to back further into the wall than usual to get away from him but I am met by a surprise. Two other men are with him, they are guards. They come and unchain me from the wall but keep my hands and feet chained together. They haul me up and begin to walk me out of the cell. "Where are we going?" I manage to say loud enough for Pike to hear.

"Centre of town. You are having an open interrogation." Pike replies. He is going to question me about what I know in front of the whole town. Miller is one of the guards holding me up and he whispers in my ear, making me flinch. "Clarke, I know what he's done to you. I have told most of the guards and noone is on his side of this but we can't stop what's going to happen today. Listen to me, answer everything he asks for. I've seen what he's got in the centre of town. He says it's an interrogation but it's really an excuse to torture you. Do what he says please." I know that Miller is only trying to help me but there is no way I will ever give anybody information about Lexa. I would gladly die first.

When we get outside I have to close my eyes tightly due to the light that stings my eyes. When I finally open them I see a large group of angry looking people. When they part I see a large stand with ropes attached to it. By my best guess I think they will tie my arms to the frame while they 'question' me.

My guess is correct and as soon as we make it to the frame they begin to tie me up. I use the very last of my strength to lift my head to see who is here. Everybody I recognise is here. My mother is speaking to Pike, they are standing awfully close to each other. Bellamy is instructing the guards. The rest of the 100 are dispersed within the crowd. Jasper is missing but that was expected. The only people I can't seem to see are Lincoln, Octavia, Raven and Murphy. Perhaps they are ust lost within the crowd.

Pike steps forward and beckons for everyone to be quiet. "Today we are gathered to have an open interrogation for Clarke Griffin." he announces to the crowd. "Firstly tell us what we need to do to get out of this blockade" I am glad to hear that he has realised that he cannot fight his way out of this.

"The blockade with be lifted with your death. Then Skaikru will be accepted back into the coalition as the 13th clan" I answer honestly, happy that this is starting better than I expected.

"Wrong!" Pike shouts and gestures to one of the guards. Suddenly there is a jolt of electricity running through my body and I am paralised from pain. Once the shock is over I spit onto the ground. I sense that this interrogation is not going to go the way I thought it was going to. Perhaps I will just not answer from now on. Then I am neither right nor wrong. I look up to Pike and oh my god he's holding my mother's hand. Nope he just kissed her. Oh god I think I'm going to be sick.

I take a few deep breaths to calm myself and then turn my gaze back to the floor. It's safer if my eyes stay there. After what feels like an eternity Pike speaks up. "This blockade ends with your lowsy girlfriend's death. Once I kill the savages beloved commander, the armies of the 12 clans will bow to me as their new leader" I bolt of fury rises up in me at his words. Suddenly I have as much energy as I would ever need and I lurch forward, snarling at Pike wildly. I manage to break out of my restraints  and throw a descent punch to Pike's jaw before I am paralysed by another jolt of pain and electricity. I thought Miller said the guards were on my side. As I collapse to the ground I see who managed to shock me before I pass out. I see my mother standing over me with a serious expression on her face, shock lasher in hand. Then it all goes black.

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