Chapter Seven

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Clarke POV

I awake to the sound of Octavia talking to Lexa in what sounds like a rather heated conversation. I do not yet have the energy to open my eyes and let them know I'm awake so I sit and listen instead.

"Lexa she has been like this for a whole week and she's not been getting any better. We need to take her to Arkadia. Abby will know what to do." Octavia practically yells at Lexa. Shouldn't Octavia be behind the blockade in Arkadia. Wait! It's been a week.

"I still have faith that she will be okay. I cannot leave Polis at the moment so if you went to Arkadia I would not be able to see her and I am not going to let her out of my sight. I love her and I will not let anything else happen to her. Plus we both know she would not survive the horse trip back to Arkadia" Lexa retorts, her breath hitching when she says I might die.

"We need Abby, Lexa"

"Then we will bring her here"

"You know we can't do that she is behind the blockade and you can't just randomly keep pardoning people because your girlfriend is dying. We need to go to Arkadia. There is no other way" Octavia responds. She speaks the truth as well. Lexa is smart she can understand when someone else is right. There is a long silence as she considers what to say.

"Clarke is not my girlfriend" she finally manages to get out.

I have managed to muster up the energy to open my eyes and speak now and I say "ooh ouch okay. Note to self Lexa isn't in it for the long haul, she just wants my hot bod"

My words are croakey from sleep and cause both Lexa and Octavia to jump. They both rush over once they realise who just spoke.

"Clarke" Lexa says when she reaches me, tears streaming down her face. I have never seen Lexa so open with her emotions.

"Heda is totally in it all the way Clarke don't worry. She's been sat next to your bed everyday, Indra has to physically pull her away to do her duties. She sleeps in that chair too, holding your hand might I add" Octavia says, her witty comments covering up for the pure relief in her eyes. I smile up at Octavia and she takes my subtle message to leave me alone with Lexa. I will go and see her later.

I turn to Lexa who has taken a seat in the chair placed right next to where I am lying.

"Where am I?" I ask curiously. Its clearly not my own room.

"My bed" Lexa replies honestly, her cheaks flushing slightly with embarrassment.

"Is what Octavia said true?"

Lexa doesn't reply but her face has flushed further, letting me know that what Octavia said is true. I melt at the thought of Lexa staying with me and sleeping in a chair while I was in her bed. I lean over and kiss her tenderly on the lips, ignoring the pain that jolts up through my body from the movement. When I pull back I wince from the pain. Lexa's brow furrows, a worried look appearing on her face.

"You should continue to rest Clarke. It is almost nightfall and if you sleep now you will not only get better but also get back into the right body clock" Lexa says before kissing me on the forehead. I stop her before she leaves.

"If it is almost nightfall does that mean that you don't have anything else that you have to do today. Will you come and snuggle with me? At least until I fall asleep." I say sheepishly not sure if the might commander snuggles.

"I have nothing to do that cannot wait until the morning" she smiles lovingly at me and then proceeds to take he about off and then get into bed next to me. I snuggle into her side, resting my head on her shoulder. Lexa's arm is around my waist and she occasionally kisses the top of my head. I smile each time she does. Sleep comes quickly and easily to me, especially when I am in the warmth of Lexa's arms.

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