Chapter Thirteen

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Clarke POV

Lexa's antics this morning have certainly put me in a good mood. I think she could tell I needed cheering up. Now nothing Titus says will be able to spoil my good mood. This is the woman I love and nothing, not even a single twisted word by Titus can change that. I cannot help the grin that is perminantly stuck to my face as Lexa finishes her food and puts on her armour. She occasionally looks over to me and smiles widely when she sees me staring at her and when she is finally ready to go she says "How you are so smiley and happy all of a sudden. I'm not saying I don't love it but you did just spend all night pacing the room with worry. You haven't eaten any Jobi nuts have you?" She suddenly looks worried.

"No, my love, I am happy because I love you. You are the most beautiful soul on this earth. How could I not smile when I look at you" I do kinda sound high but I'm not. I may be high on love but that's not dangerous at all. I grab Lexa's hand and begin to walk away but Lexa does not move so I am stopped in my tracks. She pulls me back to her and places a quick kiss on my cheek "I love you too" she whispers as she pulls away. We walk out the door hand in hand, both smiling ear to ear.

Indra meets us at the elevator "Heda, Wanheda." she nods as she greets us and continues "Titus is almost finished training Gia she is learning everything he knows and she is learning it well. Unfortunately, he is teaching her everything, including his corrupt ways such as love is weakness and blood must have blood. I apologise if she is out of line when you meet her."

Lexa is in Commander mode now and it is clear. Although she is still holding onto my hand, her emotions do not show on her face and she has a serious tone in her voice as she replies "Indra. You worry because Gia is your daughter. That is fair enough. She is safe. Titus may teach her all he knows. Gia can be the one to change the rules. I sense she is going to serve her purpose well." As she finishes reassuring Indra we reach the bottom floor in the elevator. We have to walk down a final flight of stairs to get to the dungeon. Lexa flicks me a look, silently making sure I am okay. I nod to her, although my smile and happy attitude have disappeared completely, replace with the fair and angst that I had last night.

We reach Titus' cell just as he is finishing his lesson with Gia. I squeeze Lexa's hand tightly when he comes into full view, memories of the last time I saw him flooding back to me. Lexa stops in her tracks and looks me in the eyes. We have a silent conversation and her eyes reassure me that she will be here the whole time and she has no intentions of letting me go.

We walk into the cell and I get my first glimpse of Gia. She must only 9 or 10. Very young and impressionable. Surely she is too young to have a duty like this thrust upon her. Although I am unaware of trikru traditions surrounding age. I make a mental not to ask Lexa tonight. In fact I don't even know how old Lexa was when she ascended.

As Gia leaves she stops and bows to Lexa saying "Heda" as she does. She begins to walk away and Lexa stops her. "Gia. You missed Wanheda. She is my girlfriend and will be treated with the respect she deserves" Lexa speaks with a stern tone but is still filled with a softness due to her speaking to a child.

Gia turns on her heals and retorts "Wanheda deserves no respect, she was not born here, yet she still comes into our clans our coalition and takes away our Heda. Heda will never carry out her duty so long as Clarke is here. Love is weakness and nothing else"

There is fury in Lexa's eyes at the disrespect Gia has shown me. She looks at me, as if asking permission to let go of my hand and move away. I nod slightly but also flick my eyes over to Titus who is sitting and watching with a smirk on his face, reminding Lexa that Gia is not speaking her words but his. Lexa strides over to Gia almost calmly and stops right in front of her, her figure tower over Gia's. Gia stands her ground. "And are those your words or your Seda's (teacher's) words" Lexa says finally.

"Seda's words are my words" Gia is persistent.

"Even if Seda is wrong?" Lexa crouches down so that she is level with Gia's eyes "Love is not weakness. I love Clarke with all my heart I would run and fight to the ends of the earth for her and I can tell you that I am stronger in ways that are unimaginable when I with her. Sure I was weak for her when she was hurt but that only made me want to fight harder to keep her safe in the future. I am happier and stronger, with her in my life and if you can't see that then that is just the ways of a crazy old man who will not change his ways, even when it is what's best for his people" The end of Lexa's speech is no longer directed at Gia but directly at Titus. She stands and walks menacingly over to him, her eyes looking right into his sole. She is furious. Titus squirms under her glare and I know, no matter what I do, I cannot stop what is about to follow and it will not be pretty.

I send Gia away and she scurries off willingly. I then approach Lexa with caution from behind and, being careful not to startle her, lace my fingers between hers and squeeze her hand to let her know I am here. She relaxes slightly but fury is still present in her eyes.

I would feel sorry for Titus but he did try to kill me and practically tortured the woman I loved for a week. He deserves everything that is about to happen to him.

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