Chapter Twenty Nine

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Lexa POV

It has been 3 weeks since I sent Clarke back to Arkadia and I haven't heard anything back. Perhaps it is harder to infiltrate and take over leadership than expected. Or maybe something bad has happened. What if she is hurt or worse. No. I cannot think like that. Clarke is strong, I have faith that she will execute her duties and then write back. It does not matter how long it takes.

I am pulled from my thoughts by a loud knock at the door. Indra is standing straight. She looks apologetic, as if she has caught me in a compromising position, as she often has with Clarke and I. It is at that moment that I realise that I have a single tear rolling down my face. I did not realise that I miss Clarke so much.

"Good morning Indra. Any letters for me today?" I have asked Indra the same question everyday for the past three weeks. I have letters almost everyday, I am the Heda after all. Indra, however, has learnt quickly what I mean. I am only ever asking for letters from one person. As she does every other morning Indra bows her head and sighs. This is her way of letting me down easy. Indra knows that there is nothing she can say that would make me miss her any less.

"You have a meeting today with the ambassadors of the twelve clans. I must warn you, they are getting impatient with the ongoing status of the blockade. I take it that they do not know that you sent Clarke back?"

"Only the warriors know. I will tell them today. Hopefully it will calm them down" Indra nods at this and turns and leaves. I take a glance in the mirror across the room to check that my armour is on straight, normally Clarke would do this for me. Once I am satisfied I follow Indra down to the throne room.

The meeting with the ambassadors goes pretty much as it normally does, Each person taking a turn to talk about what has been happening in their clan and I offer assistance wherever nessecary. All is well until the ambassador for Sankru, Paedel, speaks "My Warriors" he begins "Are standing around all day, everyday for 2 months. Skaikru have proved that they are not loyal to the coalition. I say we march and lay waste to Arkadia. We will avange out fallen brothers and sisters. Jus drein jus daun (Blood must have blood)" His words initiate light chatter between the ambassadors. Unfortunately it is mostly chattering is agreement with him.

I stand up and they quite down "Skaikru have a leader. Pike. When his ship fell from the sky he landed in Azgeda territory. His people were found by Azgeda warriors and were killed in front of his eyes. He now has an intense distrust and hate for anyone not in Skaikru. When Skaikru found him and the few that survived, he managed to convince some more people in Arkadia that he was right not to trust us. He convinced enough people this that he got elected into rule. Now everybody is doomed because of his ways. Not all of Skaikru are guilty. Therefore we will not lay waste to Arkadia. Instead I have sent Clarke back there. She is going to infiltrate and take leadership of Skaikru and the blockade will dissapate with Pike's death. You will get your vengeance, just not as much as you want." I say, happy with how I worded everything.

" So we are trusting your girlfriend to fix everything. How long has she been gone for?" Paedel retorts.

"I trust Clarke with my life and so will you" I move towards Paedel slowly, my scowl increasing with every step. I am just about to invite him out onto the balcony with me when I am interrupted by a group of people bursting through the door, followed by Indra yelling loudly at them. My face drops when I see who it is.

"Octavia?" I question quietly. Something must have happened for her to risk her life like this. I recognise most of the rest of the group. There is Lincoln, Raven and Murphy. I think that is his name. It is either that or John. Skaikru's tradition of having 2 names confuses me often. Also with them is Brutus, the guard I sent with Octavia and Clarke on the way back to Arkadia.

"Apologies Heda for interrupting but I think you really should listen to what these four have to say. It is very important." Brutus says.

I nod and turn to the ambassadors "This meeting is adurned for now, we will meet to discuss this further soon." With that all of the ambassadors leave quickly, clearly able to tell I want to hear the news as soon as possible.

Once everyone has left I gesture for the group to come forward.

"What has happened that is so important that a short letter would not surfice." I say, trying to remain calm

"If we wrote to you we would not be able to stop you from getting super angry and murdering someone" Octavia deadpans.

"What has happened?" Octavia's comment worries me greatly. Something really bad must have happened. If I have lost Clarke, like I lost Costia, I do not think I will be able to handle it.

"Promise me you won't go crazy when we tell you" Octavia says while she sits me down in my throne

"What has happened" I can feel the emotions coming up in my throat.

"Promise me" she raises her eyebrows, as if to say she will not tell me until I promise

"What happened to Clarke!" I suddenly yell, unable to put up with not knowing anymore

"Well.." Octavia begins "let's start with when we first arrived in Arkadia"

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