Chapter Twenty Five

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Clarke POV

The next morning we all wake up reasonably early. It is obvious that we are all excited to get to our destination, even Brutus (I remembered to ask him his name). We ride off soon after breakfast. We should make it to Arkadia well before midday. I try to think of what I am going to say when we get there, to explain why we haven't been behind the blockade. Octavia can obviously see the stress in my eyes because as we begin to ride away from where we set up camp she says "Don't worry about what will happen when we get there. We are Skaikru afterall. We will just explain to them where we have been and what caused us to not be able to be behind the blockade when it first started. Everything will be okay." I smile at Octavia and nod. She's right, we do have a good reason for not having been behind the blockade and I will just explain that. We can work up from there to take down Pike. After all we can't kill the king if we can't even get in the kingdom.

The rest of the ride to Arkadia is resonably quiet. We all keep to ourselves and we end up making it to Arkadia in great time. Brutus leaves us when we reach the edge of the blockade to go and join the other warriors. Before he leaves he reminds us that as soon as we step behind that gate, Octavia is subject to the kill order if she is to step outside the blockade and if I wish to leave I must be on my horse with my armour on so that all the warriors recognise me. We thank him for his service and continue riding into Arkadia.

Once we are close to the gate there is yelling from behind it and then the gate suddenly creaks open for us to enter. Octavia's horse whinnies at the familiar sight of Arkadia and we trott through the gate. We only dismount our horses once we are a significant way inside the gate.

We are met by Pike, Bellamy and my mother. My mother rushes over to and tackles me into a hug as soon as she has recovered from her shock. Bellamy comes over next. Hugging Octavia first and then me. Finally Pike greets us both, giving me a warm hug and shaking Octavia's hand politely. I sometimes forget that Octavia didn't go to school, she doesn't know Pike as a kind Earth skills teacher like I do. Once all greetings are done Pike speaks up. "We are very happy to have you back after all this time but why are you here now?"

Octavia stands strongly at my side, keeping her promise to Lexa to keep me safe but I can see her eyes wandering as she looks for Lincoln. I give her a nod to say that she may go and find him while I talk to Pike and Bellamy.

"You see, we were all prepared to leave Polis and make it behind the blockade before it began but unfortunately I was stabbed badly and spent a week in a coma. We then had to wait for me to get better and for Titus' execution before we could come back." the three of them nod as I speak.

"I am glad to hear that you are better now Clarke, but how did you survive past the blockade with the kill order" Bellamy pipes up. Clearly he has taken a role as Pikes second in command while we were away. All signs of friendship and humility are gone from his eyes.

"Octavia and I were under the Commander's protection. Anybody who tried to hurt us would be trying to hurt Heda and would be killed for their crimes. This protection lasted until we were safely behind these walls. Octavia is now subject to the kill order just like everybody else" I instantly regret only saying Octavia is not under the protection anymore.

"Only Octavia? What about you?" Bellamy questions.

I cannot lie to them I must tell them the honest truth, otherwise the people will never trust me. "I am free to come and go as I please. I am not under Heda's protection anymore but I am not subject to the kill order."

"How are you safe if you are not under the commanders protection."

I do not know what to say that won't expose my relationship with Lexa and jeopardise my intentions here. As I am stammering for words, Lincoln and Octavia come over and bow before me. I had forgotten that Lincoln is Trikru and in order to show his alligence to Heda he needs to bow before me as Seken Heda (second commander).

"Heda" Lincoln says, grasping my forearm.

With this the passive expression on Pike's face turns to pure rage. "You are the commander now!" he screams. "You are here to take me out. Guards! Lock Clarke Griffin in a cell." Nobody moves at his words. Not even Bellamy. "Now!" Pike screams again and Bellamy lurches forward and grabs me so tight that I cannot move or breathe. Then suddenly everything goes black.

Writers note: I was thinking about maybe doing a chapter in like Octavia or someone else's point of view. Maybe not. I hope that's not a problem with anyone. Thanks for reading xxx

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