Chapter Twenty Seven

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Clarke POV.


It is hard to tell the time in here. The only thing alerting me to how many days have passed is how many times I get brought food and water. Once a day I get given what looks like the burnt off cuts of the Skaikru meat and half a glass of water. It would not be enough to feed me even if I was eating it. But I'm not. Instead I sit in my cell and watch the door. When the guards come in I watch their movements and who they are. From what I can tell each guard works twice a week on a sort of cycle. There is one guard who I recognise from the 100, Miller. He is the only guard who actually looks at me when he comes in. By my calculations it should be his shift today. This will be the 5th time I've seen him meaning I have been in this cage for two and a half weeks. Two and a half weeks without food. Even worse than that. Two and a half weeks without Lexa.

I was right and when the door swings open for my evening meal Miller walks through the door. He walks closer than he usually does to set down the tray of food. Instead of just setting it on the ground he crouches in front of me. "Clarke. You need to eat something. You haven't eaten anything since you got locked up. Pike says if you don't eat anything today he will come down here and force you to eat himself. He refuses to let you die and frankly so do I. Pike might want information from you but I just want you to live, there is no way we could have survived down here for so long without you. Please eat." he says quietly as if someone is listening to our conversation.

"I will not eat the other people's garbage. But do not worry, I am Wanheda, I command death. I will live to see Lexa again" I say, my voice is course from lack of use.

With this he nods and leaves again. I continue to plan what I am going to do to get out of here.

I am not sure how long I am stuck in thought but the next thing I know the door to my cell is being flung open. I squint at the sudden light that comes flooding in. Once my eyes adjust I see Pike standing before me. He turns to the guard on duty and tell him to leave us to it. Then he turns to me "Stand up right now!" he commands. To be honest I would usually fight him but I do not have the strength. The cut in my side and lack of food all contributing to this. I stand and look him in the eyes. He looks me up and down. "Looking rather skinny there Griffin. Good thing I find that sexy" he runs his hands over my body and I flinch at his touch. He moves a step closer so that we are practically pressed against each other. Pike was my teacher on the Ark. I had respect for him when he became the leader of Skaikru, even though I didn't agree with his ways. I HAD respect. All that respect is lost when he picks his lips and grabs my butt. I close my eyes and hope that he isn't about to do what I think he is. The next thing is here is the sound of a zip, but it's not his zip it's mine. He undoes my pants and then his own. He then presses me against the wall and looks in to my and says "This is what you get when you don't do what the teacher says, punished" I use all of my remaining energy to try and cry out for help but he puts his hand over my mouth before I can make a sound. There is nothing I can do now. I shut my eyes and try to think back to when life was good, back with Lexa. I think about how she promised that I could paint her. I think about back when I was on the Ark, with my father. Back before everything changed. Suddenly I am pulled back to the situation at present and I let a silent tear fall down my cheek with a pained whimper as Pike holds me against the wall.

Pike has his way with me, not once or twice but four times. By the time he finally leaves I can barely hold myself up and my thighs are covered in blood. I curl into the smallest ball possible, shut my eyes and cry.

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