Chapter Twenty Three

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Clarke POV

I am awoken by Lexa kissing her way down my spine. I hum contentedly and keep my eyes shut. "I know, ai hodnes (my love), that I said that you should go back to Arkadia to sort it out but I don't want you to go. Who is supposed to keep me warm while I sleep."

I smile at Lexa's comment. "Is that all I'm good for?" I respond with my eyes still shut.

"No. You proved that to me last night" I can hear the smile that creeps onto Lexa's face. She then continues to press kisses up my back and onto the back of my neck. I turn over so that Lexa is pressed against my stomach as opposed to me back and open my eyes for the first time. I smile at the loving gaze in Lexa's eyes and give her a kiss. It deepens quickly and we only pull away when breathing becomes a necessity. Lexa moves to kiss me once more and I pull back. A concerned look creeps its way onto her face but I just smile. God I love this woman. "If we continue this then I will never be ready on time and you know how Octavia is when I'm late."

Lexa sighs and gets off me so that I can get up and get dressed into my armour. As soon as I stand she stands up also. "No no. You stay in bed. You don't have anything planned for today so you should get a sleep in." I say. My excuse is made up. I just like the way Lexa looks in bed.

"I want to dress you, my love. If that is okay with you"

"Of course that's okay" There is only one thing better than naked Lexa in bed and that is naked Lexa touching me. Her dressing me is a perfect excuse to touch me.

Lexa grabs my armour, which we had cleaned overnight so that I would look more regal on our journey back to Arkadia. I was worried that I might look to much like a grounder when we arrived but now that I see myself in my armour I feel powerful. "I want to wear some war paint. Will you help me come up with a design"

"The design you had come up with for the ceremony where we brought Skaikru into the coalition was good for formal occasions but it is now practical for everyday wear. You can wear the same design as me if you like. Although that is only supposed to happen if your partner dies or you get married"

"I want my own design. We will have to wait a little while before I take your design. I would like to wait until we are married" I realise as soon as I have spoken that I admitted that I want to marry Lexa. Her whole face changes. Her jaw drops and she looks at me with pure confusion. I feel so stupid, I shouldn't have said anything. I look down at the ground. I turn to leave and Lexa stops me before I go. "I guess we will just have to wait. Now you're my Skai prisa (sky princess) right?"

"Yes?" I look at her with confusion. Lexa then picks up the war paint and start to paint a design on my face. She has pure determination in her eyes. She pokes her tounge out the side of her mouth as she works. She looks adorable and I just want to kiss her but I know that if I do that I will mess up her work.

Once she is finally finished she stands back and looks very impressed with herself. I turn to face the mirror and my jaw drops when I see it. My eyes begin to water but I stop myself from crying as I know it will mess up Lexa's  handiwork. "Lexa... I... It's perfect. Thank you"

The design is a line across my forehead with spikes going down through my eyes and down my cheeks, much like Lexa's does. There is also spikes going up into my hairline. It looks like I'm wearing a crown but also super badass.

I give her a kiss. It lasts longer than our kisses normally do as this is the last time we will get to do it for a while. God I am going to miss her like crazy.

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