Chapter Three

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Lexa POV

"I love you too"
Clarke's words send a wave of emotions through my body. Every inch of my being is buzzing to kiss her and jump up and dance in celebration but instead I hold Clarke close and tight, silently letting her know that I am here for her and will never let her go. All of my emotions are released in the form of a single silent tear that rolls down my cheek. Fortunately for me Clarke cannot see my face as her head is buried in my neck crevass. I know this is hard for her, having just accepted and declared her love for me and now having to choose whether she wants to stay in Polis as my guest or go back to Arkadia with Octavia. All I want is for her to be happy so I am not going to force anything on her.

After about 15 minutes or so, Clarke's breathing becomes slow and steady. She is asleep. Perhaps now is a good moment for me to sneak out from underneath her and put some clothes on. I pick up whatever I can find on the floor, which just so happens to be Clarke's shirt which is long enough to pass for a dress and covers everything I need to cover. I am only planning on leaving this room momentarily while I go and find some clean clothes. I would normally not bother with clothes but I do not want to risk Titus seeing me.

Clarke stirs as I am about to walk out the door. She must be cold. I go over and pull the furs from my bed up to her shoulders and kiss her forehead before continuing my expedition to get clothes. Ai laik heda (I am the commander) I cannot spend the rest of the day in bed with Clarke, although I wish I could.

As I wander out of my sleeping quarters into my main living area, I am greeted my Octavia. This is not only interesting because she did not announce presence but also because she is being restrained by Titus who has a knife to her neck.

I instinctively go to grab my dagger or my swords for defense but I have neither since I am only in Clarke's shirt.

I assume my Heda stance and wipe all emotions from my face. Once I am satisfied I will not give away my opinions I nod slightly to Titus to get him to explain himself.

"Forgive me for intruding Heda, but I have brought you Octavia kom Skaikru because I found her skulking around the castle" Titus says after a beat

"I understand Seda (teacher) but this is not the truth. Speak true" I reply calmly

"I am here to kill Clarke"

My heart sinks at the words. I expected as such from the ice nation but from my own teacher. I must not give away my emotions. I stay silent, afraid my voice might crack from shock and wait for Titus to continue.

"You have feelings for Clarke and I can tell they are much stronger than the feelings you had for Costia"

He's not wrong. I have never felt the way I do for Clarke, not even with Costia.

"I fear that your feelings will cloud your judgement when it comes to issues surrounding the 13th clan. As you are aware it already has. You sent 300 warriors to protect Skaikru and they massacred them. You made Skaikru the thirteenth clan and they regected this and then raided another village. Now, after changing our ways and creating 'jus drein jus nou jus daun' (blood must not have blood) you decide to create a blockade with a kill order on every Skaikru person but the one that you have feelings for, who you are allowing to stay in Polis with you. Do you not think that Skaikru being Clarke's people ever clouded those decisions? You will never be able to execute your duty if she's alive"

I take in all this information. Each word hitting me like a bullet to the stomach but keep a straight face. I ignore what he has said and nod down to Octavia, silently asking why she is here.

"Octavia's knife. Octavia's kill."

There is emphasis on his final word and I notice that he has removed the knife from Octavia's neck and is throwing it in my direction. It misses me and I smirk while I wait to hear it hit the wall behind me. Instead I hear nothing. I turn around to see where it went.


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