Chapter Twenty Four

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Clarke POV

The ride from Polis to Arkadia takes just over a day. We have left early enough that we would arrive not long after dark if we rode the whole way today but Lexa is insistent that we stop for a night in between. She said that it was because it is hard to see riding at night and it would be best to approach the walls of Arkadia in full light so that we do not look like we are attacking but I could see in her eyes that she was worried we would get attacked by those in the blockade and it would be too dark for the guard (she made come with us) to protect us.

We set up camp just before nightfall in a clearing about an 2 or 3 hours from Arkadia. The guard proves to be useful as he starts a fire while Octavia and I set up the tents and begins preparing a small rabbit for dinner that we caught on our travels today.

I notice Octavia constantly looking over to where I am setting up my tent. I have not spoken to her recently. I have been awfully busy but now that I think about it she has been really quiet this whole trip today. Perhaps there is something on her mind.

Once I am finished setting up my tent I go over and wordlessly help Octavia with hers and then we both make the guards tent. By the time we are done the smells coming from the fire are filling the air and I am beginning to feel very hungry.

After dinner the guard retires to his tent and urges us to do the same so that we can be away earlier in the morning. I stop Octavia before she walks away to her tent silently.

"What's wrong O. You've been quiet all day and you keep watching me. Have I done something" I say quietly so that the guard (I must learn his name) does not hear us. Octavia watches our feet as she speaks "I have just been watching how you are. You seem happier with life in general at the moment but there is something sad in your movements too. You really love her don't you?"

"Of course I do Octavia. I love Lexa with all my heart and I already miss her like crazy. If you don't mind me asking why is my relationship with Lexa making you upset?" I respond. Trying to be as gentle as possible as it is clear thdst she is upset about something.

"You too are going to be apart from each other for a while, you don't even know how long and yet you still love her so much. What I'm scared about is Lincoln. I haven't seen him for ages. What if he has moved on" the young girl's voice breaks on the last words and she begins to cry. I take a step closer to her and take her hands in mine, prompting her to look up from the ground and into my eyes.

"I love Lexa And I will not stop loving her. Ever. That is what love does. No amount of distance or time can break that bond. It is clear the you love Lincoln but Lincoln, I believe loves you more. He is willing to die and be tortured just to keep you safe. He even got disowned by his own people willingly so that he could be with the woman he loves. You have nothing to worry about. He will see you tomorrow and it will be a lovely reunion. Also I want you to know that you should not feel bad for leaving him in Arkadia. You have been training to become on of the best warriors in all of the 12 clans. I know Lincoln will be proud of what you have accomplished while you have been in Polis."

Octavia's tears have stopped and she pulls me into a tight hug. I hope my words have eased her worrying. The only problem is now I have started thinking about Lexa and how much I miss her already. It is only day 1 and I feel this unbearable need to cuddle with her right now. The worst thing is, I cant even count down the days until I next see her because I don't know when I am going to next see her.

Octavia must see the worry in my face because she keeps her arm around me once she has released me from her hug "Don't worry Clarke. I know Lexa will be missing you just as much as you are missing her. You will see her soon enough. We just need to kill Pike first. Easy as for the might Wanheda. Right?" I chuckle at the silly superhero moves Octavia does while she is talking. We walk back to our tents, the guard was right, we should get some sleep.

"Reshop (goodnight) Octavia" I call from the door of my tent.

"Reshop Wanheda." she replies.

I have not slept without the warmth of Lexa beside me for many days, weeks even. I do not think I will be sleeping much tonight at all.

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