Chapter Thirty

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Clarke POV

When I regain consciousness I ache instantly. My back stings and I know that that is due to the shock lashings I received. My head is thumping, I cannot even open my eyes. I know I am no longer outside because, even with my eyes shut I can tell that it is significantly darker than outsider, quieter too. I have a new sting that has not been there before. Its all over. Ignore it as just another ache until I feel something running down my torso. It is moving too slowly to be sweat or water so I decide to move my arm to wipe it up. This is one of the worst ideas I've ever had because my arm does not move but the force I placed on my arm to try and move sends a whole new jolt of pain through my body. It is only at this moment that I realise I am not actually laying on the ground. I am upright. Tied up much like I was during the investigation. Except I'm inside this time. Memories start flooding back to me of when we first arrived here, when we tied Lincoln up much like I am right now.

I let myself get lost in memories until I feel something rolling down my body again. This time down my leg instead of my torso. It is that time that I decide to open my eyes and see what the situation is. I open my eyes and the pounding in my head increases ten fold. I shut my eyes instantly to try and shut it up but it doesn't work. I try to slowly open my eyes again and this time I manage to keep them open. I look myself over, trying to move slowly so I don't hurt my headache any more. I can instantly see the source of my sting and the dripping down my body. I am covered in cuts, fresh ones. They are deep enough to sting but not deep enough that it would have hit an artery or I would bleed out. Whoever cut me didn't want me to die but knew exactly what they were doing. They had to know their way around the human body. There is only one person like that on earth that isn't me. My mother. I feel fury rising up in my body. My mother tortured me, willingly. It is at this point that I hear a door somewhere behind me.

"Clarke. I know you're awake" I recognise that voice. My mother. No, not my mother. Just Abby. My mother died years ago. I ignore the pain in my head and my body and trash around, trying to get out of these goddamn restraints. Abby walks around in front of me. Her eyes are red and puffy, she has been crying. There is also pure fury in her eyes.

"Pike is dead." her breath hitches at her words. "I loved him Clarke and your pathetic little girlfriend killed him. She didn't even say her stupid little line before he died" she speaks slowly, like she thinks I am stupid and cannot comprehend what she is saying. My heart skips a beat when she talks about Lexa. Lexa was here. Is she okay? Oh my god, if something has happened to Lexa. I thrash around even more. I can feel the wrist restraints loosening. I am stopped by something cold pressed against my leg. I look down to see a knife, it is pressed against my leg right next to my femoral artery. If Abby cuts me, I will bleed out and die. She looks me in the eyes.

"You're smart Clarke. You know that all these cuts are superficial but if I cut you now you will die. Do you think I want to do that?"

I do not honestly know the answer to that question. I think she can see that in her face because she answers her own question. "Yes. I do. I want to kill you. I want that stupid commander to feel what I feel right now." She is so busy being angry with me that she clearly doesn't hear the door open behind me.

All of a sudden Lexa rushes through the room and pins Abby to the floor, dagger to her neck. I feel someone untying my hands but I do not have the strength to lift my head to see who it is. Lexa has a murderous glare in her eye, I can regonise it from here.

"Lexa no. Don't kill her. She's my mum." Lexa wavers at my words and puts her dagger away. She then punches her right in the face to knock her out.

Suddenly my arms are free from the restraints and there is nothing holding me upright. I collapse to the floor, only to be caught mid fall by Lexa. She holds me on the ground and whispers into my ear "You are safe now. Pike is gone. You are safe with me. Octavia told me what happened" With that last sentence I break down crying. Lexa holds me tighter and I sunk into the embrace, crying more.

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