Chapter Thirty Three

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Lexa POV

The guard, who I do not recognise tells us that Clarke is being kept in a small room inside the Ark and that she is covered in multiple cuts all over her body. He says that these cuts we not there during the interrogation and she is unconscious. The plan was clear when the search for Clarke began that if I moved from the spot where we had spoken to Skaikru then Bellamy, Raven and Murphy (who went together) and Octavia and Lincoln (who also went together) are all to stop what they are doing and follow me. As soon as I begin to follow the guard Octavia and Lincoln follow their orders. This promptly reminds Bellamy but it takes some loud whispering for Raven and Murphy to realise where they are supposed to be.

We fall into formation behind the guard. I am in the front. Octavia is just behind me with Lincoln and Bellamy on either side of her and behind them is Raven and Murphy, arguing about something trivial no doubt.

Just before we enter the metal death trap that is the Ark I hold my hand up and stop and everybody stops behind me. I stopped because the guard was looking at me like he had an important piece of information that he forgot to mention earlier. I look at him expectantly and he chokes on nothing and blushes slightly before speaking again. I occurs to me that that was the first time I had looked him in the eye. He clearly doesn't realise that I am here to avenge the wrong doing of the love of my life. And she is a woman.

"When I found Clarke, I saw Pike walking out of the room and heading for the Chancellors office. Shall I take you to Clarke or to Pike." he finally mutters out after recovering.

I ignore his presence and turn to the others to discuss tactics.

"We could go to Clarke and wait for him outside and when he comes back, attack him" Octavia says first.

"No that won't work" Raven retorts "there's no where to hide. An ambush would be obviously seen. What if I rig up something to explode when he walks past?"

"There is no guaranteeing that he would die from that and we don't have time for you to make it." I say. This causes Octavia to poke her tounge out to Raven, who replies with a stern looking face and points her middle finger to Octavia.

"I say we go to his office and talk it out with him. Perhaps he will release her." An unfamiliar voice says. At first I think it is Bellamy because he is the only one who is remotely on Pike's side but when I look up angrily at him, it is clear he hasn't spoken. I turn around to see a boy, Jasper, I recognise him from Maunon (Mount Weather) "Why does anyone else have to die. Haven't we all killed enough. And besides if he says no, the worst thing that will happen is Clarke will die. Karma's a bitch" he continues. I spring forward and hold my dagger to his neck. Instead of looking scared for his life he smiles. It is then I notice a small scar on his neck from where this has obviously happened before and the overwhelming smell of alcohol eminating from him. "Do it, sweetheart. Please" Jasper begs. Clarke has told me about what happened to Jasper. His girlfriend was a Maunon and therefore died. I am not going to kill him. The grief is killing him as it is. I cannot blame him for his words when he is clearly in no state of mind to even think. I take my dagger from his neck and another boy, who I recognise to be Monty, takes him away and apologises profusely as they walk away.

In the end we decide that it would be best to go and kill Pike and then go rescue Clarke. The guard who was leading us before tells Bellamy where Clarke is and then leaves us, which is a big relief to me because he kept staring at me and weirdly my Heda's symbol on my forehead.

Bellamy leads us confidently around the many twists and turns it takes before we get to the Chancellors office. When we get there, I tell the others to wait outside. I want to deal to this business alone.

I walk in without knocking. This proved to be my first mistake as I walked in on Pike and Abby kissing. This did not deter or disgust me but only made the fury within me burn brighter though. I draw my swords and hold them in a fighting position and speak slowly and in a low growl, making my anger clear.

"I sent the love of my life here to help you and your people see the error in your ways. I did not march with my armies on your village because Clarke convinced me not to. You are alive and thriving because of Clarke and you locked her in a cage, didn't feed her and abused her for 3 weeks and now you have tortured her too. Pike kom Skaikru, Yu gonplei ste odon (your fight is over)"

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