Chapter Thirty Two

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Lexa POV

"Your plan failed" My voice sounded furious and I'm sure my face portrayed this too because the others we standing far away and looked scared for their lives. "Something must have gone wrong. Plans do not last long in battle. I have a new plan now and I hope it will work" I say, calming the others down. It is obviously clear to them now that I am only angry with Pike. And I am. I'll kill him, if its the last thing I do.

"What are you gonna do? I swear to go if you call upon the armies of the twelve clans" Murphy states, mocking my voice as he speaks.

"I do not. If you disrespect me one more time I will not hesitate to cut your tounge off and feed you to a hungry Puana." I deadpan as I slowly make my way towards him. He backs up until he is pressed against the side of the metal box. Once I am certain he is significantly spooked I turn around and explain my plan to the rest of the group, who are now all looking at me with weary eyes.

"If you are right in your faith in the innocent in Skaikru. I say we speak to the people about what Pike has done. Pike and Abby will be far to busy dealing with Clarke to even notice. Once the people know, they will help us get to Clarke without a fight. This way the only people that have to be fought and killed are the guilty." I explain to the others. This plan should work but if we are to execute it then we will need to start quickly, it will only work while Pike and Abby are sidetracked with Clarke. God I hope they are not hurting her.

"Good plan Heda but we need to move fast to do this" Raven states but by the time she has finished her sentence Octavia has already walked away and is making her way to Bellamy, where the others from the Ark are gathered.

"Bellamy" she yells and jogs over to him. We follow closely behind. "we have a new plan to get Clarke out" Bellamy's face visably relaxes when Octavia says this but by the look in his eyes I can tell that it is not because of what Octavia said. I think it just because he is seeing Octavia safe. "We need to gather everyone around with out causing too much of a scene. Now!" she finishes.

We quickly make a plan and split off in 6 directions to get all the people. It does not take us as long as we thought it would because once we tell one person they then tell another and so on.

Once everyone is gathered together again, Bellamy quietens the crowd and one of the Guards, Miller, who has seen everything happen with his own eyes, explains what Pike has done to Clarke. The others add in occasionally, talking about how Clarke is the only reason they are still alive and everyone should be thankful to her for that. In the end most people seem angry or upset with what Pike has done and I think that they are about to form a riot when I step forward to speak. I take a deep breath before beginning so that my voice does not shake as I speak. "We did not come here to cause a revolt. We came to ask for your help. We need to find where Clarke has been taken and then get there without any disruptions. We can't make ourselves known to anybody who thinks adversely of Clarke because I fear she will not survive." I trail off at the thought of Clarke dying. I can't lose another love. Not again. I was broken after Costia but Clarke is so much more. I have never fallen so deeply for someone in my life. Thankfully Octavia steps forward and her presence calms me slightly. Bellamy speaks up with a commanding tone in his voice. I must remember to talk to Clarke about making him a General.

"I need all guards to come to me for a briefing and everyone to go about their day as normal. If you see Pike pretend like you are oblivious to his actions but as soon as anyone sees or hears anything important come and tell either myself or the Commander here straight away!" His tone leaves no room for discussion and everybody does as they are told.

It doesn't take long before someone tells us they found her and she is in a bad way.

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