Chapter Twenty Two

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Lexa POV

It had been three days since Titus died and Clarke is finally beginning to recover from what happened. At first I thought that Titus' death might cause her to walk away again. Like after the Maunon (Mount Weather). She hasn't slept much, the nightmares of Titus' face haunting her dreams. I understand her pain and only offer my sympathies to her. I do not judge. She can take as long as she needs to come right.

While Clarke has been recovering I have been having meetings with my scouts from the blockade. It has been almost a month and Skaikru still haven't taken out their leaders from within like Clarke predicted they would. The warriors at the blockade are getting restless. They want to march on Arkadia and show them what happens when you dishonour the coalition. I think it is time to send my skai prisa (sky princess) and Octavia back to see what's going on.

Later that day I schedule a meeting with the two. I have not seen Clarke since early this morning when I got out of bed, which resulted in many grumbles from her. Because I have been tied up in meetings all day I had to get a guard to go an collect her and lets just say she is not as happy to see me as she normally is.

"You couldn't even come and get me yourself. I am not a booty call you know! Oh shit! O, sorry" Clarke practically yells as she walks in the room. I think she catches on quick that asked her here for reasons as Heda not as her girlfriend. Once Clarke has finished blushing and has sat down I begin "It has been almost a month since the blockade began and Pike still roams within the walls of Arkadia as leader. I think it is time you two went home. I need someone within the walls to be giving me Intel. They need a leader like you Clarke, to lead the rebellion against Pike. To get Skaikru back on its feet. And Octavia, you are one of the best Warriors I know. You will be needed at Clarke's side to assist her in her duties. I need you to make sure absolutely nothing happens to her. I cannot send my guards in there with you so you will be on your own. I know Octavia you will want to see Lincoln too."

"Sha, Heda (Yes, Commander)" Octavia replies instantly. Indra has taught her incredibly well. She is almost just as much Trikru as she is Skaikru now.

"How long will we be gone for? Can't you come with us? Surely more people would join the rebellion if the commander showed up." Clarke has worry in her eyes. I know she does not want to be separated from me.

"I cannot come with you as I am needed here. Once you leave, you will remain under my protection wherever you are. You are the second Heda, noone will use the kill order on you, the kill order will take full effect on Octavia as soon as she walks through those gates. So Octavia will be there until this is over. If you wish, you may leave at any time Clarke but I would like to remind you that not many people will trust you if you keep going away and coming back. I strongly suggest you stay there until Pike is no longer leader." I try and keep my tone as serious as possible. What I told her is true and what is best for her but I know it is the opposite of what both of us want. I want her by my side, every day of my life in this life and the next. I must think with my head. I trust Octavia to protect Clarke with her life.

I am pulled out of my thoughts by Clarke's lips, softly pressed against mine. I feel a tear roll down my cheek. I know I will feel worse when she leaves. Clarke pulls away and rest her forehead on mine. "When do we leave?"

"I will have a horse arranged to be ready for your departure at sunrise tomorrow." A few tears escape Clarke's eyes at my words. She looks me up and down and then smirks.

"Best make the most of tonight then" she bites her bottom lip in a way she knows I love and I catch on to what she is talking about. I am glad Octavia had already left the room by now. I do not think Clarke is going to be very well rested for her journey tomorrow at all.

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