Chapter Nineteen

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Clarke POV

After Lexa and I's day to ourselves with Lexa obeying my every wish. The days seemed to pass rather easily. Lexa often had meetings or duties in the morning and I would go and look around town. To my shock many people bow to me when they see me. I have even had some people call me Heda. I know that Lexa said I would be held with the same respect as her but I didn't expect to be called Heda. When I brought it up to Lexa that night, she did not seem surprised, saying that although I am technically not supposed to be called Heda until we get married, most people do not follow this rule. Most nights Lexa and I will have dinner together and then go to bed.

I was getting used to this routine until this morning when it was broken. Lexa and I were both awoken by a loud knocking at the door. By the looks of it, it is just before dawn. We both scramble out of bed, knowing that noone would dare wake us unless it was very important. We get dressed into our armour, helping each other with adjusting the straps and putting on our shoulder pads. Lexa opens the door and a familiar voice comes through

"Heda! Sorry to wake you. You and Wanheda are required in the throne room immediately. Is Clarke up?" Indra's voice seems loud but I suspect that that is just because it is the first voice I have heard all morning.

"I am right here" I reply from behind the door. Lexa gives me a look, as if she is asking if it is okay with me that we lead the people together today. Normally only Lexa is called to matters that take place in the throne room. I give her a small smile and we walk away down that hall. When we arrive at the throne room Indra walks in first and I am about to follow but Lexa stops me "Clarke listen very carefully to what I am going to say. Indra is going to introduce you first. Walk in and walk to the throne, when you get there you will find that I have had a throne built for you that sits alongside my own. Stand in front of it and wait for me to enter. When the people bow, do not bow with them, they are bowing to both of us. We will sit together and then the people will Stand. Do you understand?"

I nod my head, understanding that if I do this wring it will look like I am being disrespectful. I would normally be nervous for something like this but instead I have a question running through my brain "You had a throne made for me?" I ask hesitantly, my eyes watering slightly at the thought.

"Of course. Only the best of treatment for my perfect little Heda." she kisses my forehead and wipes my cheeks from the stray tears that escaped my eyes. I see her commander mask go onto her face and I know that I must do the same thing. I must not let the people see what I am thinking or feeling or they will think I am unfit to rule alongside Lexa.

I hear Indra say "the mighty Wanheda" and the doors open in front of me. I flick one last look over at Lexa and proceed in. The people part for me and I do exactly as Lexa said to. We finally sit down together and I breathe out a sigh of relief that I did not do it incorrectly.

Once we are sitting, I begin to feel the weight of all of the eyes on me and Lexa. I nervously shift and look around the room. Lexa must notice this and looks at me with worry in her eyes. I give her a small smile and she seems satisfied.

Moments later two guards walk in holding a man, looking very thin and weak. It takes me a moment before I realise that the man is Titus. One guard speaks up first. "Heda. Titus has finished teaching Gia to be fleimkepa"

Lexa stands and speaks to the people in a voice loud enough for all to hear but not shouting "People of Polis. This man has committed crimes against Wanheda and the protection of the Commander. For that, he will give em sonraun (his life) to Wanheda. Titus, fleimkepa, you are hereby sentenced to death. Do you have anything to say"

Titus lifts his head with much effort "Wanheda, kwel gada. Yu gonplei ste odon. (Wanheda, weak girl. Your fight is over) And you" he flicks his head to Lexa "you will thank me one day, strik Heda (little Commander)" Lexa has not told me much about her early years as Commander but she has told me that the older generation began calling her this nickname in order to disrespect her and her age, thinking she was unworthy to be a Heda to the people.

Lexa's normal Commander composure has broken and her eyes are full of fury. "We will gather at sunset tonight to watch this man die" Lexa's tone is definitive and leaves no room for discussion. People whisper slightly as they leave the room. I think they are discussing the fact that Titus is not being given anymore time to live. Normally you live for a week or so before your execution, allowing you time to say goodbye to loved ones.

The guards, led by Indra are the last to leave. Then it is just Lexa and I.

"I'm sorry you had to deal with that Clarke. I should have known Titus was going to speak to you like that"

"Don't apologise. It's fine. I'm fine. Are you?

"I will be. Tonight. Once that feral man is dead" she says. There is no sadness or remorse in her eyes, just anger.

Tonight. I have to do this tonight. Float me.

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