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After waking up the next morning I went home. Someone must have put my bike in garage because that was where I found it.

I didn't remember much of what happened but I woke up to see Itachi laying on the couch in his room. He looked so hot with his hair loose and his clothes creased. He snored lightly but it was cute... I think I am getting sick again...

After I got home Kira and Hotoru showed up asking questions but left soon after I told them that I couldn't remember anything. I just went to sleep after that.

I woke up after I received a text saying that Hotoru was in an accident. Do you know how fast I got to the hospital? I must have received over 10 fines for speeding and running a red robot.

When I arrived I immediately started shouting. "Where the fuck is she?! Tell me or I will fucking sue you so much your great grand kids will be in dept!"

It took six doctors and two guys to restrain me from running into the hospital room. Right when I calmed down enough Kira burst through the door. I had to calm her down with the help of the people who restrained me.

The two hours I had to wait were the longest of my life as we waited for news on her condition. I kept thinking about murdering the person that put her in the hospital and from the looks that Kira kept giving people that looked at us I could tell she felt the same. Worry... anger... confusion... uneasiness were the main emotions that I felt as I looked at the doors that led to the ER room waiting for the doctors to come out to tell us of her condition.

When a doctor finally came out we both jumped up from our seats as the doctor walked towards us.

"Are you the people waiting for news on Hotoru Nagoya?" After seen our frantic nods he continued. "Well I have good news for you. She only had mild bruising on her left side but to make sure we ran some tests and all turned up negative. You are free to go see her. She is in room 103. Just go straight until you reach the intersection then take a right she is on the third door." Right after he finished we raced down to her room.

We burst into the room to see Hotoru laying on the bed in a white hospital gown. Her breathing was even and she was sleeping peacefully. I stood behind Kira as she sat on the chair in the room. Silent tears fell from Kira's eyes as I placed my hand on her shoulder and gave it a reassuring squeeze. My face was blank as I looked at her still body on the bed. I couldn't cry it was like my emotions were gone and all that was left was an empty void.

I heard the door open and I looked up to see the same doctor that told us where she was. He came and stood on the other side of the bed looking down at her with a smile on his face.

"She is lucky to have friends like you who won't leave her side and is worried about her. She is completely amazing." I looked up at him when he said that.

"What do you mean by that?" This guy who only met her is telling me about her like I didn't know that already.

" She jumped in front of a car to save a little boy who went to fetch his ball in the road. The driver couldn't stop in time as he was intoxicated. She saved that boys life by jumping in the way while holding the boy." That sounds like something she would do.

"How do you know so much?" My voice was emotionless.

"I was there when it happened. I was on my way to the hospital when I saw it happen." I looked to him and gave a nod of thanks before my eye caught sight of what was on the TV.

"We are reporting live from Liae Road where a young girl risked her life to save the minister's son who was almost knocked over by a speeding vehicle. The vehicle was reported to have been driven by Xiao Lan a wanted criminal from China that escaped from prison two years ago. The footage received from a bystander was sent just after the accident happened. The girl is now in intensive care and all bills will be paid by the minister who would like to thank the girl. Here is the footage we received of the accident." I watched as the car hit her as she protected a child not more than 6 from being hit by the car that sped towards them. I felt it as I watched the footage... the pain as the car collided with her small body.

Right then the minister walked in with his son still holding the ball. When Hotoru woke up he thanked her and the little boy gave her a neckless that he made. After the whole thanking and we are now in your debt speech they finally left. We all let out a sigh of relief when he left. A grown man in tears and babbling is not something I wanted to see.

When the doctor said she was fit to leave we all went to my house to plan what we were going to do and to have a movie night. We discussed which dance we were going to do. Kira wanted us to do Soulja boy then have the lights go off and we put our masks on to do our actual dance. It was agreed upon so now we just wanted to pick a movie.

"Frozen!" Kira shouted while waving the disc around.

"No! Leggo movie!" Hotoru spoke up while pointing to the disc.

"Everything is awesome!" Oh god Kira is singing...

" Let it go! Let it go! Can't hold me back anymore!" Hotoru sang while trying to put the disc in the player as Kira was holding onto her shirt pulling her back.

"You guys are too funny for life..." I say as I sit and watch them trying to fight for which disc to put in.

I just laughed before placing in final fantasy: advent children. Both of them immediately shut up and turned to look at what was playing. Before they ran to their seats and watched it. When Cloud and Vincent came on they both started arguing about which is the better character.

"Cloud is better!"

"No Vincent is!"



" Cloud!"



"Guys Zack and Reno is better than both of them so shut it and watch the damn movie!" I but in before the argument can go any further.

"Fine!" Both shouted at once and sat down to watch the movie finished. It was quiet for a few moments before Kira spoke up again.

"I still think Cloud is better..." oh god here we go again!

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