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  • Dedicated to Allaina Williams

I had always had a soft spot for Hotoru so when she agreed into going to the show I had said that I will as well.

So the whole day was meeting teachers and getting to know the students in my classes which did not end up well. I had never thought that having fangirls would be as bad as it was but I was proven wrong when it was my turn to introduce myself to the class and all the girls immediately took out writing pads to record what I was saying.

I decided to give an introduction of myself that didn't really explain things about myself but at the same time answered the required questions. My introduction went something like this... "My name is Sakaru Hatake. I dislike a lot of things and I don't particularly like anything. My hobbies are my likes and my dream is an extention of my hobbies." And the girls went crazy.

I will never understand the female population even though I am one of them...

Funny thing is I got out of Gym with no questions asked and I had discovered that I was enlisted as a male student, cool huh?

Anyway school was as boring as I could remember and I didn't have much to do so I just slept in most of my classes and ran away from fangirls every break. In fact I am still running away from them as school just came out and we were all surposed to leave but they keep following me.

I ran around the school to the back where my black motorcycle was waiting and quickly started the engine to get the hell out of there before they caught up to me.

I quickly raced home dodging cars and other people before coming to a standstill in front of my house... well its more like a small mansion but that's not the point.

Quickly getting off my bike I headed inside to my room so that I could change into my black skinny jeans and my white tank top with my black air Jordan's and my blue hoodie.

The doorbell rang so I quickly took my headphones and ran down to answer the door. On the way down I saw my self in the mirror I looked so much like my mother. I had her black hair that stopped just on my neck with the same electric blue streak in the front. My skin was tan and my eyes were an unnatural silver with black streaks in the iris. I was almost an exact replica of my decreased mother but I didn't think much of it as I just quickly put on black eyeliner before grabbing my black backpack and rushing out the door.

"Sakaru you actually look like a girl this time!" Kira shouted when she saw me.

"Baka! She usually dresses like this!" Hotoru shouted and hit Kira over the head with a newspaper that she found on the floor of Kira's dark blue Audi.

"To Akatsuki's concert we go!" Kira shouted as she sped down the road to the stadium where the concert was been held.

When we arrived the place was packed full of fangirls holding posters of there favourite dancer and singer. Once we parked we headed to the security guards and showed them our tickets. After inspecting it we were led to the VIP section which was right in front of the stage where the two groups will be performing. Once we were seated I immediately plugged my headphones in and put my music on nodding my head to the beat of Step up from Linkin Park while the groups got ready to perform. When Black Rose came on stage and started to perform their song I just glanced up to see what piece they were performing only to look down again at my phone when I saw that they were performing their song that was in the top 10 countdown of the UK charts, Slow down. Their dancing was good but I had seen and performed better.

Next was Akatsuki performing their song Yeah which got everyone to go crazy except for Kira, Hotoru and myself which was not surprising in the least.

I was becoming really bored really quickly so I decided to upload one of our prerecorded videos onto different fan sites to see which will be the bigger talk tomorrow. Akatsuki's concert or Datenshi's new video?

I watched as people started to receive  word about the video and tell their friends about it. As soon as there was a break people started to watch the video that was uploaded and they started talking about it. While I was busy watching this happen other bands performed their songs to close the concert a security guard came and asked us if we would follow them as we had won the tickets to see the concert and meet the band Black Rose in person so we had got up with me still on my phone and followed the guard to the backstage rooms.

While we were waiting for the group to come and see us I changed songs so now I was listening to Angel of Darkness by Nightcore. With nothing to do I started to sing the lyrics and dance.

Kira and Hotoru joined during the chorus as we sang and danced in the room. When we finished we heard clapping coming from the door so we turned to see...

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