The competition

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The day of the competition finally arrived and everyone at school was ecstatic for the performances. I just walked past the news crew as they set up the equipment shaking my head as they ran around shouting to each other to be heard over the sound of the excited teenagers.

I looked around trying to find Kira and Hotoru in the crowds of students. As I was searching I stepped to the right and right then Kira crashed in the spot that was just vacated. I just looked at her unimpressed as she pouted up at me.

"No way am I letting you jump on me." I say just as Hotoru walked up beside me.

"Are you prepared?" Hotoru asked looking at the crowds of people there.

"This is the perfect opportunity for us to reveal who we are to the world!" Kira shouted but I didn't comment as I just spotted Itachi as he walked through the entrance.

I haven't spoken to him since the kiss. I just couldn't look at him like I used to... it just wasn't the same.

A hand waved in front of my face so I caught it in my hand and turned to see Kira looking at me weirdly. "Are you okay? You looked kinda out of it... Did something happen?"

"Nothing come on let's go! To the bat cave!" I shout while pointing to the hall where everyone was heading. They just laughed before walking with me.

As we joined the crowd I heard someone crying their eyes out. I turned to see this pink haired girl crying with her friends consoling her by rubbing her back. "- offended the owner of the biggest modeling agency in the world! My life is over!" Dramatic much...

I just walked past her not really interested in just who she offended. Entering the hall everyone was shouting and screaming for the performers on stage. This girl with indigo hair was dancing a ballet and was performing really well as the crowd was cheering her on. After her performance I turned to see Hidan talking to Hotoru. Turning I saw Pein talking to Kira. Both of them were blushing madly and I just smiled. Happy for them until I saw Itachi staring at me from across the room. My smile immediately dropped when I saw him and the memories of when he kissed me flashed before my eyes and I looked away from him. Other memories from my past flashed before my eyes causing my emotions to spin out of control.

" Alright ladies and gentle men it is the time for the challenge to take place! Can the two competing please come on stage please?" As I walked forward a path was cleared for me. I felt like Moses and the red sea walking through the crowds of students eager to see the on coming performance. When I walked on stage I stood opposite the boy whose name is not important as I had already forgotten it.

"So you ready to lose?" If that was supposed to make me scared or something it didn't work.

"The question is are you?" Right when he was going to reply the announcer flipped a coin to see who will go first. As the coin was flipping in the air time seemed to slow down I was aware of everything in the room. The amount of people watching as the coin made a decent. The eager looks on everyone's faces for the upcoming event. All of this I could see and it warmed my heart just like every time I danced.

When the coin landed the boy immediately said heads. He won and I left the stage to get changed and put on my mask. When I came out he was trying to copy my moves for some of my dances and the crowd was cheering him on believing that I taught him that. I just waited with Kira and Hotoru backstage as the guy performed with his friends. The news crew was reporting on the student of Prince and how you can see that he was taught by me with the moves he was doing. When he finished the lights went off for our entrance.

We went to our places with our masks in place and as the spotlight came on the crowd went ballistic seeing who was performing. (Video is the dance... popin john is Sakaru and the tall one is Kira and Hotoru is the short one)

I noticed the looks of shock and disbelief on the faces of many of our fans. As we danced I smirked just imagining the thoughts running through their minds. When we finished and the lights came back on we stood there waiting for everyone to settle down. When they did everyone received the new video on their phones from the website. Right then I gave the signal and the lights went out again before a spotlight was on us and we removed our masks causing a collective gasp from the audience.

"Yes we are Datenshi. Most of you know us as Sakaru, Kira and Hotoru. We would like to say thank you for supporting us and voting us for the best dance group but I am sorry to inform you that this is the last time we will be performing. Thank you and good night!" After saying that we walked out the back way because everyone wanted to talk to us and we just wanted to get home.

Upon arriving at home I switched on the TV only to see news of us revealing our identities to the world. I just turned it off and went to sleep feeling tired.

Itachi POV

I was so stupid for kissing her like that. But I just felt so angry that she would not answer even though what she said was right. It was none of my business. So why did I get angry seeing her with Pein smiling?

The answer was simple. I loved her. It just happened. I didn't know when it happened but it did and I wasn't just going to ignore these new feelings.

Kissing her felt amazing. It was indescribable and nothing I could say would tell just how good it felt. But when I pulled back I watched as fear washed over her face before she ran away. Why would she feel fear?

I was in a daze for the rest of the day just thinking about the look on her face before she ran. I didn't even realise that school was out until someone knocked into my desk causing me to look around only to see everyone leaving. I packed up and went home my thoughts still on the scared look on her face.

Days past I wasn't sure how many but it was now the talent show. I couldn't concentrate on the performances until she walked on stage with the guy that challenged her. The boy danced first and it was good but when it was her turn to perform Datenshi came on the stage. My idol was performing in front of me!

While watching something clicked but I refused to believe it. No just not possible. But I was proven right when she removed the mask and her face was revealed to the world. I didn't even hear what she said but I was still in shock.

I was in love with my idol!

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