The past

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Hotoru POV

It had been 5 weeks since Sakaru disappeared and both Kira and myself are worbried. It isn't like Sakaru to just disappear without telling us where she will be.

Even Akatsuki and Black rose are worried for her. I had never been without hearing from her for so long and something doesn't feel right.

Kira and myself decided to go shopping to restock the house because we ate everything. As we were just leaving the shop Kira walked into someone.

" I am so sorry! I didn't watch where I was going!" Wait I know that voice!

"Sakaru?" The person didn't say anything as they ran away. Kira and myself gave chase but Sakaru had always been faster than us when running so the gap just got bigger and bigger but just after a few minutes she collapsed.

" Sakaru!" Both Kira and myself shouted after witnessing our friend collapse.

Sasori POV

We all raced to the hospital after we received a call to say they found Sakaru. Upon arrival we ran to the front desk.

"Where is she?!" Itachi shouted. It was the first time I had heard him raise his voice never mind string a whole sentence together.

"Calm down sir. If you tell me who you are looking for I can tell you what room they are in." The woman behind the desk asked calmly without looking up from the computer screen.

" Sakaru! Sakaru Hatake! What room is she in?!" Itachi shouted but the woman just looked at the screen.

"I am sorry sir. No one by that name has been admitted to the hospital." She replied blankly.

"What?! No! Check again! She was admitted just a half an hour ago!" Itachi was close to having a fit.

"I am sorry. No one was admitted by that name. Now can you please leave as you are causing a scene." That was the last straw.

"Listen and listen closely. I have been having the worst month of my life and you do not want to be the person I take my anger out on. I have had enough of you ignoring us by not looking at us because maybe if you did you would realise just who the fuck you are ignoring. Don't test my patience. Tell me the names of who was admitted within the last half an hour and don't you dare try that you can't access the database because I will have you know I fund this hospital and say who stays and who goes." I say calmly as she finally looks up and sees just who she was ignoring.

"I didn't realise! I will get right to it!" She says as she types away on the computer.

" There has been three pacients admitted. Two female and one male. The name of the male is Daisuke Hujia. The females are Haiku Yamtoshi and Yuki no Akasuna." I froze after she said the name of my missing sister.

"What room is Yuki in?" My voice was so soft I hardly recognized it as my own.

"Room 452. On the third floor to the left." Before she completed the sentence I was already on my way to the stairs as the elevator would take too much time. I could hear the sounds of footsteps following me but I paid no heed as I sprinted up the stairs.

A few minutes later I was outside the door. Panting slightly, I stood in front of the door, scared for what lay beyond the wooded door if I were to open it.

After hesitating I reached out and grabbed the handle barely noticing when the rest of Akatsuki caught up to me as I opened the door.

There on the bed laid a familiar figure but not the one I was expecting to see.

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