First day

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  • Dedicated to Caitlin Smith (my bestie!)

I didn't want to go but I don't have a choice. That was how I found myself standing in front of my new school. Konoha High. The school for rich kids.

I just stood there in front of the school waiting for my friends to show up. I couldn't help the feeling that someone was watching me so discreetly I looked around me to see if I could spot the person only to see this group of girls giggling and looking at me. That was really weird...


I didn't even twitch when I heard my name was called.

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... side step.

My friend tried to tackle me but I just side stepped so she landed on her face and started wailing that I don't love her.

"But when have I ever said that I did in the first place?" I said glancing down to my overdramatic best friend.

"Kira get up you are making a scene." Hotoru said as she walked up to us.

When Kira finally got up I had a good look at my friends. Kira still looked mental with her short electric blue hair and black streak in the front. Her gold eyes shining as she jumped up and down making her knee length black skirt fly up slightly. The school shirt was tucked in and her black blazer was open but her green tie was nowhere to be seen.

Hotoru was as neat as ever. Wearing the same uniform as Kira but she wore the tie around her neck. Her chocolate brown hair was tied neatly on top of her head in a ponytail that flowed like waves that ended just above her waist. Irritation was clearly seen in her red eyes as she helped to fix up Kira's attire.

"Did Kira have sugar this morning?" I asked Hotoru when they were done.

"Yeah she did. She has been like this whole morning." Hotoru replied as they turned back to me.

"WHOA! Sakaru why are you dressed in the males uniform?" Kira said when she finally looked at me.

It was true I wore the males uniform which consisted of grey slacks, a white shirt, a green tie and a black blazer. I didn't like wearing the girls school uniform so I bought the boys one.

"Don't like the girls one" I shrugged not really caring as I looked around the school. I could see the group of girls from before but it looked like more people joined them and was now all looking at me. They blushed and looked away when they saw me looking at them.

Kira saw me looking at something and turned to see what I was looking at before she started to laugh.

I felt someone tap me on my shoulder so I turned around to see who it was only to see a girl standing there holding what looked like a box of chocolate out to me.

"P-p-please accept this!" she stuttered at first before ending in a slight yell.

"Hn." I grunted and smirked at her which she blushed and quickly ran away to her friends who started to question her.

I turned back to Kira and Hotoru to see them laughing and holding on each other for support.

People always mistaked me as a guy so I was used to it but I had never had fangirls before so I was shocked when that girl came up to me. I know that my hair was short and I dressed like a guy sometimes but come on!

They were still laughing at me so I just rolled my eyes and started to walk to the office to get my schedule and locker number.

"Wait Sakaru!" Kira shouted after me when they saw me walk away.

"Hey! I just remembered something!" Kira shouted after awhile.

"You lost your brain?" Hotoru guessed.

"You can't lose something you never had" I said and smirked when Kira pouted.

"No I have a brain thank you very much! I just wanted to say that I won tickets to go to a concert tonight! We can all go!" Kira shouted in glee while rubbing her hands together with a scary look on her face like those mad scientists in horror movies.

"Who is performing?" Hotoru asked not really caring as I walked in the office to collect my schedule and locker number.

As I walked out again reading my schedule and noting the numbers of the classes I had to be in when Kira suddenly yelled out a name that I didn't bother to catch.

"Hey did you hear me, Sakaru?!" Kira yelled in my ear... note to self keep Kira away from sugar I want to keep my hearing.

"What is it?" I asked looking up from my page to face Kira.

"I said that I won tickets to see Akatsuki and Black Rose! And you guys are coming with me!" she smiled so big that her eyes closed.

"...No." I said before starting to walk again.

"Oh come on! Please?" Kira begged me.

"I will go if Hotoru is going." I sighed as Kira went and pestered Hotoru into going.

I sighed. This was going to be a long day...

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